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DiRTy Gossip Thread



  • boganibogani Member Champion
    Jepsertti said:
    I have nothing to say so here's another kebab animal for you to enjoy.

    So that's how the kebab looks like in its natural habitat and not rotating on a metal pole?
  • BennizBenniz Member Pit Crew
    Just checking my account works too, so I can return for some discussions :smiley: 
  • dgeesi0dgeesi0 Member Champion
    check my avatar <<<<< :D                                                         
  • DytutDytut Member Champion
    Proof the gossip thread can always go more off road  B)
    Arete or 43. M. Andersson on steam/leaderboards.

  • edgenzedgenz Member Petrol Head
    Save us @ChristinaMc!

    Body is 19 characters too short, and this thread is a few kebabs short of a kebab shop.

    Dirt Rally Liveries: <60s - 80s> <Group A - F2 Kit - R4> <2000 - 2010>
  • JZStudiosJZStudios Member Champion
    Hahaha! Great job Skids... I could find more reviling pictures, but I digress.
    Besides, none of you know what I look like.

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