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Tyre wear between teams

viridisknviridiskn Member New Car Smell
Hello guys.

F1 2015 is my first F1 game in a while, so I'm yet to get a full grip of things, and I have some questions.

I'm driving championship season (PS4, Expert mode, traction control and auto gear changes on, I'm not ready for full manual just yet :) ) with Massa. I noticed that some teams, namely Mercedes and occasionally Red Bull get much longer stints than me, and usually can go on one stop less. At first I thought that it was because mine less than perfect tyre management and aggressive driving,  but after few races I realized that Bottas 90% of the time have same strategy as me, and that Ferraris also have shorter stints, sometimes even shorter than me. So the question is, is tyre wear different for different teams, or it is just something random, and I would have exactly the same wear even in Mercedes? That would be really great feature, because in real life some teams are (much) better at managing tyres than others.

Also, can you guys recommend me some (written of youtube) tutorial about set up, where it is explained in more detail than in-game which car variable does what. I like to make my own set ups rather than find some online, but as I'm kind of new to racing games, I need some place to learn the basics.

Thanks for answers :)


  • KrisperfectlineKrisperfectline Member Unleaded
    Actually, it depends on how drive the car. I am on the pad, and I have to maximize oversteer in order for me to avoid the full lock as that is what makes your tyres RED in the temperature zone. Next thing is I put the differential very low and very close as it avoids wheelspinning the rear tyres. Lastly, I put the tyre pressures at 17 lowest psi to help even more. But, to me I think the tyre wear on the Williams is pretty hard like in real life, and the Mercedes lot lesser but not lesser than the Ferrari...
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