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DiRT Rally v0.71 Patch

v0.71 Patch Notes

  • PVP - Session Visibility - When setting up an Online Custom Championship there is now an option to make the lobbies closed so only players who were either invited or on your friends list can join.
  • PVP – Race collisions can now be turned off when creating a custom lobby.
  • PVP - In a lobby, the user can now specify who they would like to communicate with via the Voice Channel option IE Everyone, Friends or no one.
  • Audio Options - There is now an option to set the chat receive volume.
  • Audio Options – Voice Chat can now be turned on or Off.
  • Controls – Users now have the option to enable Push To Talk for voice chat.

  • HUD Fix – Rear view mirror in Rallycross is now correctly placed when using either internal camera.
  • Game Fix – Tooltip to repair a puncture now functions correctly.
  • PVP Fix – Players who jump start when in the staggered grid position can no longer collide with other users.
  • Save Fix – Fix for the game not saving when the player has entered 6 leagues.

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