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Motorsport Career maneger

blazefpblazefp Member New Car Smell
For anybody interested in one of the greatest free motorsport's manager game, you should check out MyRacingCareer.
I've been playing for over a year now and it's been the best free web based game I've ever played and I have plenty of experience in that area ;)

Initially you choose your driver, setup a team (coach, mechanics, race engineers, etc) and start from the bottom, usually Fórmula 3. Then you move up the ladder to F2, Indy, Nascar or even F1! It's quite literally a motorsport career management simulator.

It's easy to setup races, pretty intuitive and has a great community. Give it a shot


  • mightyduck95mightyduck95 Member New Car Smell
    Thanks, i will take a look. Not many good gp managers around.

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  • mike96mike96 Member Team Principal
    The link is wrong, right one here :)

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