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Grid online car physics different to career mode?

LivelyZootmanLivelyZootman Member New Car Smell
Has anyone else noticed that the physics of the cars online seem to be very different to the career mode? If this is the case then my question is why codemasters? I've spent time completing the career mode in all difficulty levels then go online to find that the same cars.....are not the same!!! Codemasters sort it out FFS you make the best racers and I have been a loyal customer  since the start, but quite frankly am at the point of never buying another codemasters product again due to my experience with the grid series online. I know losing just one customer matters not when you are all millionaires anyway but the idea is to give the end user an authentic racing experience. It seems that the games are now geared towards kids and idiots....not true racers.
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  • PorkhammerPorkhammer Member Champion
    No offense, but if you are looking for an authentic racing experience, why are you playing Grid? It's at the opposite end of authentic.
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