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EGX - The NEC Birmingham (24-27)


Whilst we aren't attending the Eurogamer Expo next week, it is being held in our backyard, so we're in the area. This has raised the question internally as to whether any of our fans will be attending the Expo?

We're pretty limited to what we can do with the time frame involved, but at the very least it would be nice to meet up with some of you for a chat and perhaps a drink.

Anyone planning to be in Brum on Thursday or Friday?

Twitter - @Dnote_CM


  • HelmetSquadHelmetSquad Member Pit Crew
    :( unfortunately not. Sounds like a good way to interface with the community though!
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  • tosheytoshey Member Unleaded
    I like my wheels on my car thank you dnote.
  • DnoteDnote Member Wheel Nut
    Loitering around one of our partners' stands in case an angry F1 fan turns up might not be the most productive use of the devs time though :smile: 
    Twitter - @Dnote_CM
  • SaeidJSaeidJ Member New Car Smell
    it would be best that codemasters invite the best drivers, youtubers and most dedicated in F1 gaming such as Noble, TRL limitless, xmattyG and others, since they are very good at this game they provide large publicity to this game.

  • DnoteDnote Member Wheel Nut
    Given the time frame we're not in a position to get people in, we also can't bring them into the Birmingham studio at the moment.

    If there isn't anyone able to meet up next week, then we can look to arrange something for October or November.
    Twitter - @Dnote_CM
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