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Getting Codes for Clive Barker's Jericho

I have gone to the website for codemasters.com/bonuscoeds and it took meright to codemasters.com so i tried the phone number and guess what it does not work i keep getting we are sorry the phone number you have just dial is incorrect or no longer in service please hang up and try again so tell me how in the hell are we to get our bonus codes for any of your games cause the game i have is called Clive Barker's Jericho so please tell me how to do this cause i have no way of getting the free code for the game


  • sjsharp2010sjsharp2010 Member Champion
    I think because it's an old game they won't be supporting old games any more so if you haven't used the bonus codes by a certain date they become invalid.

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  • brunodmfbrunodmf Member New Car Smell
    We want to continue the game Clive Barker's
  • Jonkosak209Jonkosak209 Member New Car Smell
    Is it possible to get any codes for the game Jericho still? Even though it's an old game?
  • JerryHayesJerryHayes Member New Car Smell
    whats the codes whats the code whats the code

  • CyberGhostTeamCyberGhostTeam Member New Car Smell
    Enter FGK6GRKCL6A6M8 Dominator Damage Enter 1DVGM1JJ1DUEE5 Unlock Extras Enter 9E1KX6QX9Q4WN5 Unlimited Ammo Enter CJ09B1W5FKPK7H Auto Succeed Survival Events Enter F68RFUC55W960G Fast Health Regeneration Enter LF2NDHNH5A0GK2 Power Melee Enter GY1FBV258A0R53 Infinite Ababanilli Enter 6UHRHV0M2GERX1 Infinite Cole's Powers Enter Q3C510UTRWBBAD Unlock All Levels
  • KingBelzebubKingBelzebub Member New Car Smell
    None of thoze work....  "incorrect code" everytime.
  • stevehartshornstevehartshorn Member New Car Smell
    what are the codes for Jericho thank you
  • LesekX26LesekX26 Member New Car Smell
    Как получить бонусные коды для игры непонятно
  • BobbyCaliforniaBobbyCalifornia Member New Car Smell
    I just put Jericho in again and lost my codes. There has to be master codes. What gives? 
  • BobbyCaliforniaBobbyCalifornia Member New Car Smell
    Anyone have codes for my bonus code number 39623.
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