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Club Question

SwatDxSwatDx Member New Car Smell
Can you actually have more than one club because when i go to the club section in game its a big list or is it for members in your club?


  • DragoCubXDragoCubX Member New Car Smell
    Yes you can join multiple clubs. But you'll have to decide for one at a time to race for. Just go to your club central under "my Clubs" (or whatever it's called in english). There you'll see your active club and all the others you joined. Just select "set as active" for the club you currently want to earn xp for ;)
  • SkaputnikSkaputnik Member New Car Smell
    And don't forget to re-apply the new team's livery, otherwise you'll be racing and adding points to the new team, but with the old one's livery....
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