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EVO Racing, xbox 360 all welcome

udell87udell87 Member New Car Smell
Hi guys iv just made a club for xbox 360 im a uk racer but everyone is welcome aslong as you can race clean and fair, rubbing is welcome but not in open wheelers, so come join our club EVO Racing on almost everyday so come race and enjoy.

just look up EVO Racing.



  • udell87udell87 Member New Car Smell
    If u guys join soon il make everyone that joins today principals of the club and u can make club liverys
  • FallsdogmanFallsdogman Member New Car Smell
    I would love to join a club that knows how to spell clean. I race the way we do it for real. If you want to take out other drivers you get black flaged real fast. So where do I find you? I have Grid 1 Driver also NFS Run- Shift Forza4 -Horizon and NFP Hot Pursuit. Thanks and have a good one.
    DogMan`s Okanagan`s Super Ground Ponders,  Street Runners. 
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