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Club livery that is set will not load for other drivers in club

Warlord10560789Warlord10560789 Member New Car Smell
Codemasters needs to fix this because most people will quit joining clubs if they cant get the livery they want.


  • mikevoltz1mikevoltz1 Member Wheel Nut
    the livery only works on cars they own, not loaners. They have to select Race Club Livery in their garage. 
  • Warlord10560789Warlord10560789 Member New Car Smell
    Its not working on cars they own.
  • Warlord10560789Warlord10560789 Member New Car Smell
    Its like when they put it on their owned cars it only loads sponsers and main paint no pattern and yes i do have a pattern on it.
  • TUSMBOXTUSMBOX Member New Car Smell
    I've posted about this exact same problem twice, and I'm still waiting for a response. At least I'm not alone.

  • 1MarkKelly11MarkKelly1 Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2014

    It may be because you aren't doing it correctly.
    Try this.

    Simply go into My Vehicles on the multiplayer section and then select a vehicle which will take you to the Vehicle Options Menu, select Vehicle Livery and click on an empty slot if you have one, if you don't you will have to edit an existing one.

    Now it gets a bit tricky and confusing.
    Ok, click on an empty slot and enter whatever text you wish, this will then take you to the Customisation menu, come back out of that and click on Vehicle Livery again and now you can click X on the Xbox 360 controller to edit the livery you just created, now you should see SET RACENET CLUB LIVERY and you're done :)

    Now simply select another vehicle and do the same, it's not a drawn out process now, as all you simply have to do is go into Vehicle Livery for each car you have, and you will see Racenet Club Livery.
    Simply click and you're done.
     PS: You need to be registered with your particular club on Racenet for the game to recognise your club livery.

  • TUSMBOXTUSMBOX Member New Car Smell
    The problem isn't getting the livery on your own cars. All of my cars have my full club livery. It's other people's liveries that doesn't show properly.

  • SASBlinkSASBlink Member Unleaded
    I and my team mates have this issue, We know how to load the livery to the cars, that's not the issue. The problem is that the livery does not load properly.

    It only shows the base colour, our sponsors and numbers but not full details of the design. 

    Its not a big issue but would be nice if it was fixed. :)

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  • NWRChargerNWRCharger Member Wheel Nut
    Try going into racenet club, then go back from that and reapply livery to all of your cars
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  • FR15KYCGSFR15KYCGS Member New Car Smell

    I think code masters should let you apply more than 1 team livery as in different sponsors on touring street or drift means you get best pay out for racing those cars. Plus remember that if the leader has the black edition and applies the top sponsors those in the team without the edition do not get those sponsors 

  • Warlord10560789Warlord10560789 Member New Car Smell

    I have black edition and would anyone on the forum like to join a club my club is 17 in the world and our name is Anonymous.
  • AgentJackAgentJack Member New Car Smell

    I think its when black edition decals are used in the livery. The club I race with was set up by my friend and when we compared the list for me to try and make the same livery he had about 20 or so more choices than I did. does anyone know if the extra can be bought now that there is no preorder?
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