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ESPAÑOL: hola a todos, quisiera comentarles algo que pienso y quisiera conocer sus opiniones al respecto. LOORE si lees este post agradecería mucho que me dieras tu respuesta u opinión.

 Creo que desde el primer momento que Grid Autosport fue anunciado, se lo promociono como un juego mucho mas competitivo que grid 2, volviendo al estilo TOCA. Mas cerca del simulador que el arcade. una vez probado el juego, puedo ver ciertos aspectos del juego que me hacen pensar que CODEMASTERS quizo hacer un juego realmente competitivo, duradero y mas justo que las anteriores versiones en el modo online.
La primera para mencionar, es que los autos estan mejor ubicados en sus categorias, lo cual los hace mas nivelados.
Tenemos la opcion de modificar los reglajes del auto, para ajustarlos a un estilo de conduccion en particular.
Podemos equiparles mejoras a medida que usemos el mismo auto con mas frecuencia, es como si ganara prestigio.
Podemos desactivar las asistencias, y asi aumentar la dificultad de conduccion. como premio obtenemos mejor puntuacion.
Si chocamos los autos, debemos repararlos. Lo cual nos cuesta dinero, y necesitamos dinero para obtener mas autos y asi participar en la mayor cantidad de categorias posibles.
Lo que mencione anteriormente, fuerza a muchos pilotos a conducir mejor si es que quieren avanzar en el juego. Asi es como obtenemos carreras limpias, sin tantos choques y mas serias.
Si entramos en racenet, tenemos la posibilidad de formar una equipo de carreras, y asi competir contra otros para hacer el juego aun mas atractivo.
En Racenet tambien tenemos mejoradas las estadisticas y compraciones con otros pilotos amigos o bien con el promedio de la comunidad de racenet.

Todas estas características demuestran una clara intención de lograr un juego realmente competitivo y dificil de completar.


Por que correr una carrera de 1 unica vuelta paga lo mismo que una de 2, 3, 4 o 5 vueltas?

Existe gente que corre carreras a una unica vuelta sin parar durante horas y recibe los mismos premios que los que corren a 3, 4, o 5 vueltas en mucho menos tiempo.
De esa manera obtienen muchos XP, lo cual como todos sabemos significa puntos de experiencia. En mi opinion adquieren puntos, pero no experiencia.

No podemos hacer nada contra estas personas, porque no utilizan trucos ni hacks, simplemente el juego les permite hacerlo y toman ventaja de ese fallo.

Eso resulta legal pero injusto para la gran mayoria de las personas que juegan el juego de la manera en que aparentemente deberia ser jugado.
Permitiendo esto, todos los puntos fuertes del juegos no valen nada, cualquier persona puede hacerlo y asi obtener muchos XP y mucho dinero de forma muy facil y rapida accediendo a todos los autos y categorias convirtiendo esto en un GRID 2 con un estilo de conducción un poco mas real y nada mas que eso. Ademas cualquier tipo de puntuacion no tendria sentido, y las estadisticas arrojarian valores irreales.
Por lo tanto, el cocepto de competitividad estaria absolutanmente perdido.


Por favor dejen sus comentarios, muchas gracias a todos los usuarios y a CODEMASTERS por el continuo esfuerzo en brindarnos mejores juegos cada vez.


ENGLISH: hi all, would like to mention something I think and would like to know your opinions. If you read this post LOORE grateful you gave me your answer or opinion. 

  I think from the beginning that Grid Autosport was announced, I promote it as a much more competitive game than grid 2, back to TOCA style. Closer to the simulator than the arcade . once tried the game, I can see certain aspects of the game that make me think that CODEMASTERS wanted to make a really competitive, sustainable and fairer game than previous versions in the online game mode. 
The first to mention is that the cars are better placed in their category, making them more even. 
We have the option to change the settings of the car to suit driving style in particular. 
We can equip improvements as we use the same car more often, it's like winning prestige. 
We can turn off the assists, and thus increase the difficulty of driving. as a reward we get better punctuation. 
If we hit the cars, we must repair them. Which costs us money, and we need money to get more cars and thus participate in as many possible categories. 
What previously mentioned, force many drivers to drive better if they want to advance in the game. This is how we get clean runs, without so many crashes and more serious. 
If we enter Racenet, we have the possibility of forming a racing team and compete against others, well to make the game even more attractive. 
In Racenet also have improved the statistics and comparisons with other friends or average pilots at Racenet community. 

All these features show a clear intention to achieve a truly competitive and difficult to complete game. 


Why only 1 lap race pays the same as a 2, 3, 4 or 5 laps? 

There are people racing only 1 lap races non-stop for hours and get the same prizes that those who run a 3, 4 or 5 laps race in much less time. 
Thus obtained many XP, which as we all know means experience points. In my opinion they earn points, but no experience. 

We can not do anything against these people because they do not use tricks or hacks, just the game allows them to do so and take advantage of that ruling. 

That is legal but unfair to the vast majority of people who play the game the way it should be played apparently. 
Allowing this, all the strengths of the games are worthless, anyone can do it and get so many XP and lots of money in a very quick and easy way,  access to all the cars and turning this into a category GRID 2 with a more realistic driving style and nothing more than that. Also any type of punctuation would be meaningless, and the statistics would yield unrealistic values​​. 
Therefore, the competitiveness cocept would be absolutly lost. 


Please leave your comments, thank you very much to all users and CODEMASTERS by continuous effort in providing us best games ever. 

Nothing s true...



  • RappepatRappepat Member New Car Smell
    Maybe it' s unfair, but as you said, it is legal. In Grid 2 Codemasters made some changes too to make the game more fair, so why not in grid autosport?
  • RubeneRubene Member New Car Smell
    Yes, Maybe with this and other small changes we can get a more fair and perfect game. Hope CM can do it, so everybody win, customers and CM!!!

    I agree with your entire post. I do not think that credits, car xp, or discipline xp should be awarded to anyone playing in Custom Lobbies. But also no damage costs to your car. They are basically friendly games. In lobbies with only one lap settings. Make the tracks themselves have a minimum amount of laps. Before you can gain anything. The longer the race is set at the more rewards are given to the players.

    Example #1: 2 laps around Bathurst 20000 car credits to the winner with a full field of cars (no AI).
    5 lap race at Bathurst 50000 car credits for 1st with a full field of players (no AI). The more AI the less the payout is.

    Example #2: 5 laps on the Indy Oval 20000 car credits with a full field of cars (no AI). The more laps means more credits.Also the xp should work on much the same way.

    Or just have Official CM Lobbies that are only setup to race for example ovals. But every discipline is included in these races. With a Championship Cup winner declared at the end of 5 races.

    Or drift only CM Lobbies. These lobbies have the same rules as playlists.
    These Lobbies could be just like a Custom Cup lobby in the since that a Cup is awarded to the points Champion at the end of 5 races. Then it starts over again. 

    Have these types of races rotate in and out on for example Sunday's are Oval days, Monday's are Streets etc.

    I am just using examples from what Battlefield does for their games.

    If you want to block me that is fine, but give me a chance to shine up my Chrome Horn for you. 

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  • SneaKiSneaKi Member New Car Smell
    They will hopefully do something about it, maybe the're currecnly already working on an update.. 
    But i do agree, a 10 min long 5 laps race, should give more exp/money than a 1 lap 2 min race. ... 
  • jerrymackturnerjerrymackturner Member Unleaded
    So after they fix this peeps will just run laps at Indy.  You cant keep people from doing what they do.  They will always find a way to cheat the system.
  • hamounhamoun Member New Car Smell
    Yeah I think it's unfair too. they need to put a limit on minimum laps on oval tracks and THEN award the same amount of xp , or just lower the xp for 1 lap races , which ever seems more reasonable . 
  • jerrymackturnerjerrymackturner Member Unleaded
    What they need to do is go back to the old system where xp is awarded to winners and that xp is taken from the losers.
  • PhotonikPhotonik Member Wheel Nut
    edited July 2014
    I wrote about that yesterday...
    Photonik said:
    So far I feel a bit penalized by the way xp and money is distributed. It is always the same base amount, regardless of how long I drive.
    I've already read about people complaining about Clans that do 1 lap races to boost their rating. I really don't care about that, BUT as I get better sponsors only with higher levels, it bothers me still.

    I like longer races of 5+ laps, but at the moment your system punishes this by giving way less xp and money in comparison to the time I spent racing. So I think scaling cash and xp to the number of laps driven, or even the distance driven (according to 'official' track length) would balance the online mode tremendously.
    Everyone could drive what he likes and how long he likes and wouldn't suffer from this disadvantage. A good balance shouldn't let some people getting further with less effort, just because they use the game to their own advantage.
    I'd even go further and add a bonus for every additional lap. So 1 Lap 100%, 2 Laps 205%, 3 Laps 310% etc... 'cause really, a longer race is more challenging than only one or two laps.

    Of course, to prevent misusing of that, a player has to complete a certain amount of laps, or simply gets paid for every lap begun. Otherwise in this scenario it would be easy to enter a race and only one drives till the end and the rest just gets a smoke.

    I'd love to see that in the not too distant future.
    Rewarding nothing to custom lobbies, honestly, would be the dumbest change ever. What is wrong about them? I have raced 3 times in Quick Races and that's it, never again. I want to chose for myself, what car I drive (this especially!). AND I want to chose the players I drive with, not being shuffled together randomly. I pretty much only drive touring, more specific CatC. I don't drive SuperTouring, CatA, or CatB. Quick Races take this choice for me.
    And though you might see it differently, there's nothing wrong in 'specialising' in one category. Look at the real world. I hardly see any drivers, that drive this, then that, then anything else. Sticking to one thing makes you competitive, driving everything does not. 

    In terms of racing, there's no difference between the quick races and custom cups. I don't like complete randomness, so I don't do quick races. Being penalized for that would be completely unfair. Also it would make clans completely useless. What are they for, if I only could enter random events to drive in and not with custom cups with the whole team, in a category, that most of them want to drive in?
  • punknoiapunknoia Member New Car Smell
    Yeah Codemasters, think about it!
  • ULTRAJoeDeathULTRAJoeDeath Member New Car Smell



    I believe this would greatly help our cause..  and It should not be hard to implement it with a small patch or something.

    It really has hurt the game somewhat because of people being able to rank up cars and open garage slots much faster :(

    Why is it so bad to just Race a normal 3 laps race at minimum?   I mean, if you want to race in circles over and over everyday..
     it would be nice to make players run 3 laps..or 1 lap with severely reduced exp and cash.

    I was really hoping this game would be great fun and highly competitive.. It most definitely can be, if people would stop being so concerned with ranking up , and just enjoy the lower tier cars until time has passed and everyone slowly ranks up over the course of the year :)   I think that would be an awesome racing experience, especially for Racing Teams / Clans

  • denis92denis92 Member New Car Smell
    Drift events are not bad made, same as the other category of racing that reminds me on the good old TOCA and DTM games. The driveability is much much different than on GRID2 and I prefering that on GRID Autosport, it seems to for me more realistic that GRID2.
    The graphic is nice. I would like it if there would be longer races like not only 3-5 rounds a race maybe 5-9 rounds a race or so. CM could take more realistic in the game like made a pit stop and change your tyre because your tyre are battered, fill up your fuel = more action.

    The experince point system is...Well I agree what ''ULTraJoeDeath'' wrote above

    the garage slot thing, I have to spend 100000 money to get a new garage slot with certain of level! I mean no problem, lets play 5Hours of grid Autosport to get first the money and then a new garage slot.

    But one good thing
    I still didn't lost my save game as I lost it 7 or 8 times on grid 2 :p
    well done Codemasters!!!
    Rank up!

  • wipspeedwipspeed Member New Car Smell
    Yeah this needs to be taken care of. And i agree with your entire post
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  • alexeiramonealexeiramone Member New Car Smell
    I also agree, Codemasters have to rethink this. But in the meantime, if we want points, gold and xp, let's also exploit this lousy feature.
  • Twe3kTwe3k Member New Car Smell
    I fully agree with the statement.
    It would be nice to even out the competition and actually force drivers who get 1st place on the grid to be challenged.
  • TheFinalWordTheFinalWord Member New Car Smell

    I am astounded by the original poster's comments.  Who cares how anyone plays their game as long as it is within the rules set forth by the software publisher.  One lap races were in Grid 2 as well.  Some people enjoy racing short quick events while others prefer to race long events.  The game has been released, and if the original poster doesn't like the way that it is setup, then no one is forcing him or her to play it. 

    Also take into account that if you make a mistake in a 1 lap race you do not have much hope of finishing first, while in a 3 lap race you can make the same mistake and still finish first.  So which one really takes more skill to win?

    If you want to go into the fairness of the game then I suggest that you look at the club structure.  146 members on one team and 6 members on an other.  If all races were set at 5 laps and Team A had 12 players and Team B had 36 players, and everything being equal(playing time) Team A would not have a chance unless they were going to race 3 times as much as Team B.

    It would appear that Codemasters has leveled the playing field by giving AutoSport players the ability to configure custom events however they see fit.

    edited July 2014
    @TheFinalWord I don't know if you are getting the reason for these one lap races or not. People are using them to boost their xp & cash to higher levels quickly. So they can go to public lobbies and have better cars, etc. As well as earning their club more xp. I also understand what you mean by they are just playing the game within the guidelines set up by CM. You are absolutely right.

    @Photonik I am sorry my idea offended you. I understand what you are saying. But I also said to make the longer races should be worth more than a shorter race too. And you are also right that some real-world drivers only race one type of car, at the higher levels of Motorsports. But they all had to race something else before they got to the higher tiers. And the ones that have not made it to the top echelon will drive anything. If they want to get to the top echelon. Sorry again if I upset you.

    Post edited by FOSTBITTEN on
    If you want to block me that is fine, but give me a chance to shine up my Chrome Horn for you. 

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  • TUSMBOXTUSMBOX Member New Car Smell
    @TheFinalWord‌ So would you be happy getting paid 100 dollars for 5 hours of work while someone else got paid the same amount for 1 hour of work? And about your 1 lap/3 lap question, 3 lap races are harder because they require more concentration over a longer period of time. 3 times the corners, 3 times the areas for you to screw up.

  • TecnologicaTecnologica Member New Car Smell
    i think as a plus codies should add a forced random grid start on all servers or a forced qualification so then the same guy doesn't win 38 consecutive races just because he started ahead of the pack, that point based start sucks a little bit
    Remember a Tracer Can Work Both Ways, what you can see like something possitive it can become a negative one for the community
  • CODEK726CODEK726 Member New Car Smell
    TUSMBOX said:
    @TheFinalWord‌ So would you be happy getting paid 100 dollars for 5 hours of work while someone else got paid the same amount for 1 hour of work? And about your 1 lap/3 lap question, 3 lap races are harder because they require more concentration over a longer period of time. 3 times the corners, 3 times the areas for you to screw up.
    Amen to this...

    Nothing s true...

  • TheFinalWordTheFinalWord Member New Car Smell
    TUSMBOX said:
    @TheFinalWord‌ So would you be happy getting paid 100 dollars for 5 hours of work while someone else got paid the same amount for 1 hour of work? And about your 1 lap/3 lap question, 3 lap races are harder because they require more concentration over a longer period of time. 3 times the corners, 3 times the areas for you to screw up

    The bigger question here is why does anyone care about this so much?  With all of the things going on in the world, why worry about how a company developed their software?  No one forced anyone to purchase Grid AutoSport.  If someone is unhappy with their purchase then they should try to obtain a refund.

    And to your point TUSMBOX, if someone offered you a job that paid $100.00 per hour, and someone else offered you a job that paid $100.00 per day which one would you take?

    As far as the time question goes, in any professional sport the clock is always against you when it is shorter.  If you are playing in the NFL and one team has a 10 point lead, is it easier for the other team to come back if there is 3 minutes left in the game or 53 minutes left in it?

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