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Let's share some time killer mobile games!

Christina2015Christina2015 Member New Car Smell

Hi guys, it's unavoidable that sometimes we have to do something to kill time, such as while waiting a bus or subway, being stuck in a boring social activity...So I'd like to share some time killer mobile games. 

Here are what I have been playing to kill time: 

1. Pool Empire 

Based on American 8 ball rules, it's a pool game with multiple gameplays. You can play online in a one-on-one competition against another player in the world, or you can simply challenge your own friend. Also, you can just play offline if you don’t have an Internet connection or you just want to practice before playing with others. According to Pool Empire’s Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/poolempire), a new version is coming. There will be some innovative gameplays, such as Puzzle Mode and Time-limited Mode and so on. 

2.Candy Crush Saga 

It's a typical casual game for players to eliminate 3 same candys. What's difference is that collection of more than 3 same candys brings a different candy, which can lead to a bomb and eliminate more candys. 


It's a new version of Tetris. You can place blocks as you like not just wait them falling and then replace. In 1010!, you can deform blocks, which increase the difficulty. 

What about you guys? Let's share!


  • SalCoSalCo Member New Car Smell
    I liek a game called "Color", where you essentially have to get a colored dot across the finish line but you can only cross the various hurdles when the dot and the hurdle are the same color.
  • apk2downapk2down Member New Car Smell
    do you have any new games to shrare with us?
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