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Grid 2, Grid Autosport, Dirt 2, Dirt Showdown, Dirt 3 wheel issues

Hi all. 

Bit of a long one but I've given up on stuff I've tried. I haven't tried Dirt Rally yet, as I am just installing it... but my Logitech Driving Force GT is not working on any of these games on Windows 10. Just not being detected. It works on other games no problem (Need for Speed Rivals, Euro Truck Sim, iRacing, Emulators....) but no detection for ANY codemasters games. It also worked when I was running Windows 7, so I imagine this is yet another issue with Windows 10. However, as it works with other games, I can only put it down to Codies... I have done the following:

Checked drivers - Including video just in case nVidia drivers were causing issues (They were an issue at first!) And updated all.
Uninstalled and Reinstalled Logitech drivers for both Wheel and Keyboard.
Uninstalled all logitech drivers, and just installed Wheel drivers
Changed from USB Front panel to Rear panel, also tried a USB3 socket
Confirmed all files integrity on steam. 
Rebooted inbetween uninstall and reinstall. Rebooted about 1000000000 times! Still an issue. argh!

The only game I haven't tried is F1 2013 but it won't start as "Steam is busy" so not sure why.

Any help anyone? Really appreciated!


  • missingxtensionmissingxtension Member New Car Smell
    try installing the Logitech gaming software, http://support.logitech.com/software/gaming-softwareThis sometimes fixes the force feedback and other issues.
  • DidzisDidzis Member Team Principal
    What do you mean by no detection? Did you try to select the preset for it and it didn't show up and did you try ro manualy map buttons and axis? I also have the DFGT and Windows 10 and it works just fine in Codemastesrs games, I've tried DiRT 2/3/Rally and GRID 2/Autosport.
    http://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/driving-force-gt try here

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  • steffomatsteffomat Member New Car Smell
    Hi there, i also have the exactly same Problem on Win 10 pro 64bit but with my thrustmaster t100 wheel. It works on Win8.1 before without problems. But since update to Windows 10 the wheel isn´t shown in Grid 2 and Grid Autosport anymore. 

    I deinstall game and driver, and reinstall both, with restart pc ......the wheel works in Windows fine, is detected, driver works fine, can adjust it, but in Grid 2 and Grid AS, the wheel isn`t shown, there is only keyboard as option.......

    Game is bought over steam......

    what can i do ?????


    Project Cars works like a charm with this wheel.....
  • RayvonRayvon Member New Car Smell
    I have exactly the same issue. Thrustmaster T150 works great with AC,Project Cars,Dirt Rally,F1 2014 and 2012 but not Grid 2,autosport or Dirt 3.
    Funny thing is it did used to work with these games until one Win10's updates but can't be sure.I did install a new Intel chipset ing file,going to try rolling that back...
  • Inindo69Inindo69 Member New Car Smell
    Well I have a Thrustmaster T150 I was using in Steam just fine up until a couple of weeks ago.  Seems to me it was this last Cumulative Update for Windows 10 that screwed me.  Now only games I can play with this wheel (in PS3 mode btw) are my windows 10 games (forza horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 6: Apex)  I go into Steam and it says no controllers are detected... SO now can't play Nascar Heat, Project Cars or any of my codemasters games ie Grid Autosport, Grid 2, Dirt 3 Complete Steam Edition
    Don't know what happened Steam hasn't been able to answer my question.. Funny how my Win 10 games work without steam but nothing in Steam will work
  • Inindo69Inindo69 Member New Car Smell
    BTW this wheel is for PS4/PS3/PC which is why there's a slide switch between PS4 and PS3.  Wheel works fine on the PS4 with F1 2016 and Dirt Rally

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