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The Joke Thread

EdMaEdMa Member, Drivers Wheel Nut

I've had a look and can't see another one, although do correct me if I've been a pillock and missed it. 

Keep it clean-ish, but not too clean and boring. 

What's yellow and feeds off dead beatles? 

Yoko Ono.



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    ^^^^This comment will get me banned

  • MBKF1MBKF1 Member Moderator

    Come down to church tomorrow evening where our topic of discussion will be 'What is Hell?'.

    Come down early and hear our choir practicing.

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  • mike96mike96 Member Team Principal

    Come down to church tomorrow evening where our topic of discussion will be 'What is Hell?'.

    Come down early and hear our choir practicing.

    We already know Hell is a circuit, right @RevolvingPrawn‌ ?

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  • MexicolaMexicola Member Race Engineer

    The Xbox 360 controller is by far the best one I've ever had.

  • ImRiteUrRong74ImRiteUrRong74 Member Unleaded

    Wrong thread lol

  • ImRiteUrRong74ImRiteUrRong74 Member Unleaded

    Oh, now I see!

  • Chicken42Chicken42 Member New Car Smell
    Here's a joke for like a 4 year old


    These 3 prisoners are put on trial they are sentenced to death by shooting.

    The first prisoner is about to be shot instead he yells TORNADO! The whole town runs back to there houses. The prisoner was able to escape.

    The second prisoner walked up pretty confidently knowing what his plan was. Right before the gun was shot he yelled EARTHQUAKE! And everyone scurried back to there houses.

    The third prisoner walking with swag in his step thinking these @#$%?! dont know how stupid they are. While thinking he's the best he sees the execusionist about to shoot he yells FIRE! It didn't work out to well for that prisoner...

  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    fIsince08 said:

    A duck walks into a bar and asks the barman "Have you got any bread?"
    The barman replies "No, unfortunately we don't sell bread here."
    The duck leaves.

    The next day, the duck returns to the bar and asks the same question, with the barman giving the same response and the duck leaving once again.

    This continues for a fortnight, until eventually the barman loses his temper. "Look, if you come in here once more and ask if I've got any bread, I'm going to nail your beak to the counter!"

    The duck asks "Have you got any nails?"


    "Have you got any bread?"

    Love that!

  • fIsince08fIsince08 Member Moderator
    edited November 2014
    A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

    (Will remove it if anyone is offended by it)

    I am not a Codemasters employee.


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