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Looking for a Club to join on PS3


ICE Motorsports didn't work out so well, and I'm getting a bit bored racing solo. Anyone looking for new members? I play every discipline, but I specialize in street.


  • RobMUFC1987RobMUFC1987 Member Wheel Nut
    THE GRID FAMILY is looking for good clean racers
  • MääMääMääMää Member New Car Smell

    Ya, i am looking a club to join on ps3 also. I like long races. I just got the game so i'm not fast but i'm clean and fair. My psn: Naughtypunk

  • TUSMBOXTUSMBOX Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2014
    @RobMUFC1987‌ I have been thinking about joining TGF, I've had good races with Button, Gamesta, and I think his name is David something.

  • RobMUFC1987RobMUFC1987 Member Wheel Nut

    DAVIEBOY. Yeah, we have recently started running custom lobbies with 5 or 6 of us doing various events. We've just moved to 12 members and I think 63rd on imo the pointless club leaderboard

  • ZalexQcZalexQc Member Unleaded
    Join in RS Motor Club, I only keep clean racers with white dots in it.
    clean guys with friendly attidude, most of them are pure adicts and do all Racenet events every weeks, so it give a chance to compare times with them and join good racers online to get some chalenge.
    you can even join us as a second club (not active one) so we still see when you are online and can join your races.
    See you on the track... Seen you a few times already. :)
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