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DiRT Rally - Modern Masters Update

jennyannemjennyannem Member, Codemasters Community Manager

It's time for 0.9! Today’s version 0.9, dubbed Modern Masters, sees the introduction of two of the most influential rally cars in the last decade to the 2000s class: The Citroën C4 Rally 2010 and the Ford Focus RS Rally 2007. At their peak, these cars reigned supreme with their two litre turbo charged engines and highly sophisticated differentials.

The update also sees the introduction of the R4 class to DiRT Rally. Featuring the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and the Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2011, this class represents cars from two of the most iconic manufacturers in modern rallying.

In addition, as part of our continued commitment to Early Access the Modern Masters pack sees the Group B 4WD and Group A classes receiving the latest handling updates. We’ve also been hard at work adding community requested features as well as fixing a number of known issues.

Here’s the list of what’s new this month:

  • New R4 class with 2 cars (Subaru Impreza WRX STI & Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X)
  • 2 new cars added to 2000s class (Ford Focus RS Rally & Citroën C4 Rally)
  • v.2 Car Handling on R4, Group B 4WD and Group A
  • Additions and Community Requests:
    • Stage distance and elevation is now shown in stage information screen
    • Steering rotation in cockpit now matches actions of player when the driver arms are not shown.
    • Manual control for headlights and wipers 
    • New liveries featured on some cars including the Repsol livery on the Lancia Delta
    • Countdown timer added for the last 60 seconds of a Rallycross race
    • Grid Order and Assists added to session options in PVP
    • Player preferences is now available in the Lobby and Online Service Area

·         Fixes

o    Fixed the CPU detection so the correct thread strategy is chosen for your PC. This fixes the stuttering issues that we may have introduced in v0.8, sorry about that!

o    The achievement “Visceral... but in the correct meaning of the word” is now only unlockable when meeting the required criteria. This should mean it is a proper challenge to unlock again.

o    The timing of some co-driver calls for Finland have been adjusted, they won’t be as early in some places. Also, they’ve got a bit braver so they’ve raised their volume a bit too.

o    Advanced Custom Wheel configurations are now saving correctly, Clutch deadzone and saturation settings will now be saved with wheel settings too. Yay!.

o    Animal protection services have been on the phone so we’ve had to move the wildlife on some stages to safety.

o    Issues with systems crashing at the start of a stage when using AMD Crossfire are now resolved.

o    The game will save after you receive your rewards from online events – yeah, they didn’t do that before.

o    Fixed a crash that would occur if you exited to the menus in a Rallycross event at the semi-finals  .

o    Fixed the Logitech G29 actionmap so you can navigate the menus correctly – we finally got hold of one to test it out.

o    Fixed repair puncture OSD text remaining on screen after the player retires.

o    Fixed the wrong points being displayed for entrants when any of the reverse grid options were enabled in PvP.

o     “Gotta Get Me One of These” and “Any Given Sunday” achievements both now unlock when completed in any relevant online event.

o    Spectating another player crash at high speed in PVP will no longer break the camera changing system.

o    The mouse cursor will now hide when the mouse is not moved for a short period of time, solving the issue where the mouse cursor would remain on screen when played in windowed mode.

o    AI difficulty levels should now be working within league play.

Feel free to stop by on the forums and let us know what you think or just to say hi!




The DiRT Team



  • SkyRexSkyRex Member Petrol Head
    'Here is the new content in action, for all of you who still have to work or wait for the download to finish :) 

    Overall quite happy with it (Group B feels really awesome now, great work). Although I'm still missing the 2015 WRX STI R4....
    But the hope is still up for Winter wonderland, since they confrmed in the stream that 'more modern cars than in Modern Masters' will come with winter wonderland, which means at least 5... let one be the 2015 STI please 

    P.S. AWESOME work on the engine notes of  the Evo and STI, you really hear that Turbo tchirping :) !
  • thecraicbearthecraicbear Member Champion
    I'm really happy with this update; lots of really nice and handy additions, obvious including the cars :D 

    Thank you, team! 

    "In more than three words, can you sum up your day for me today?"
    Grönholm: "Not very good... today."

    As the wise man Bitto69 once said, "laughter and free :)"

  • MiatakiasGRMiatakiasGR Member Pit Crew
    no Sweden location is included..?                                                                                         
  • KevMKevM Member Champion
    no Sweden location is included..?                                                                                         
    Thats a different update, later in the month
  • MiatakiasGRMiatakiasGR Member Pit Crew
    KevM said:
    no Sweden location is included..?                                                                                         
    Thats a different update, later in the month
    ah ok thanks very much.. :)
  • MiatakiasGRMiatakiasGR Member Pit Crew
    Honestly. I was expecting a lot more cars. Like 15 or something.

    o    Animal protection services have been on the phone so we’ve had to move the wildlife on some stages to safety.   ----- it's a game...
    yeah 6.5 gb is big and no much content , the game is already big on disc around 30gb and i guess will go near 50gb in final version probably with the rest content and some extra dlc content later.. :o
  • PedrolimaPedrolima Member New Car Smell
    The WRC ford focus this any fantastic thing .. Very good work that these gentlemen are doing with this game. this is the way.
  • oguzkaanoguzkaan Member New Car Smell
    Just 4 cars its disappointment for me!

  • enamelenamel Member Race Steward
    Awesome, can't wait to try out the new cars!
  • TheFlyingTugaTheFlyingTuga Member Wheel Nut
    Still, the faster chief achivement is still locked...
    Steam: bino_santos
  • ashleywatkinsashleywatkins Member New Car Smell
    Loving the game but wanted to feed back that the person writing these updates is pitching them really well, they make me feel like I've done a good thing and am part of a positive community by supporting the game in early access.
  • dwkGraveydwkGravey Member Race Engineer
    Four cars not enough for some? I'll be so busy playing with the headlights, wipers, and seat that I might not have time to get to them all.

    And a big thank you to Codies for including the stage length and bonus gift of elevation difference!
  • ElBastosElBastos Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2015
    I kind of remember that you mentioned during the last broadcast the possibility to export / import car setups. Have not yet downloaded the full update (low bandwidth at the moment) so I cannot check if present or not, do you confirm?
  • function9function9 Member Wheel Nut
    Elevations changes shown in the selection menu, but no stage map... :|
  • JZStudiosJZStudios Member Champion
     o    Animal protection services have been on the phone so we’ve had to move the wildlife on some stages to safety.
    So, was there a bug with the animals, or did you guys actually get a call and have to move animals that you can't hit? I know the "animals are people too" people got mad at Far Cry.
  • hoonheadhoonhead Member Co-Driver
    edited November 2015
    oguzkaan said:
    Just 4 cars its disappointment for me!

    Are you kidding me? 
    i am also disappointed. Not that it is only 4 cars but that i do not consider them modern rally cars. If you had DiRT2 and DiRT3 you really need some proper new modern rally cars like the DS3, Polo, Hyundai, maybe a skoda (we never had one in the dirt series), 208 etc. The focus is from 07 not really modern anymore. The game is nice but not more then that. I understand the new guys that play the dirt series for the first time a R4 is huge but if you played all the games in the dirt series it is getting repetitive concerning the cars so i am disappointed. We DiRT3 fans waited since 2011 to get a DS3 etc and now it is 2015 and what do we get, right not what we waited for. I bought this game for those cars and looking back it was a mistake by me buying it so early. I also read that a lot of people there will be more content after the final release. Let me say this, maybe a patch but you will not get a new track or car. It is not how Codemasters works. I will give the game a 6.5, all i like is the Ford Fiesta RS, Peugeot 306 and the german track all the other stuff i don´t like, the game is for me a huge dissapointment. DiRT2 and Dirt3 were a lot more fun and looked way better. Oh btw before you burn me to the ground it is my opinion  and i am allowed to have one just like you.

    It would have been better if Codemasters released a major update for DiRT3 with new added sim settings, 4 new tracks and 12 new cars (modern and historic). A lot of people wold have payed for it and we did not had this half ass game with no modern rally cars except for the modern rallycross cars but hey i am a rally fan and i want those cars for rallying. 

    Codemasters can you at least create the option to race all cars on all tracks, this would save the game for me a little bit.

    To be honest, i am losing the fun in rally games because of all this. I don´t even have fun in creating new liveries for this game. We need something like WRC5 content wise (all the tracks and cars from the official wrc) and the look, sound and feel of DiRT3 then we have a perfect rally game. So please Codemasters stop creating rally games with old stuff, get the WRC or ERC license.
  • KevMKevM Member Champion
    Took (not)Steve's Focus out for a test drive in Finland (cos I don't have the credits to buy it yet), & it's awesome!  Destroyed my fastest time on my first run!!  

    Now for a bit of Loeb action in the C4 :)
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