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Dirt Rally Hot Seat Championship Multiplayer

BertimBertim Member New Car Smell
edited November 2015 in DiRT Rally - Suggestion Box
I'm a player who began to enjoy the games when the same were not yet played online, I remember join with my friends in a garage and stay several hours making rally championships. personally i prefer the personal socializing (yes we grow up: house, family) than playing with my friends by net , and my question is: will eventually Codemasters included a Hot Seat multiplayer mode in the game. Whats your opinion about this ideia?

sorry english. regards.


  • Wastl77Wastl77 Member New Car Smell
    Hello Bertim,

    i am absolutely with you!!! Please, Codemasters, iclude a simple Hot Seat mode, so we can play with our Friends in one room.

  • cgiugucgiugu Member New Car Smell
    ... and the option to save custom profiles for all settings.
  • DsleeperDsleeper Member New Car Smell
    Hot seat is a must! Any words from the developers?
  • Rygar86Rygar86 Member Race Steward
    I agree, this would be cool to have. I hope they do this.
  • BrianCHayesBrianCHayes Member New Car Smell
    I have been asking for this on multiple forum since the very earliest early release ... surely it got to be reasonably simple to code .. must be the most requested feature consistently across the board 
  • GralVilla11GralVilla11 Member New Car Smell
    THIS!!! and the game would be so much awesome
  • ColinHughesColinHughes Member New Car Smell
    Yes yes yes! Used to play the old Colin McRae games on my ps2 with friends all the time this feature would be great!
  • or1oor1o Member New Car Smell
    Yes Please.

    I am Sure that would increase your sold as much as having 200 Tracks und 500 Cars
  • KotamakiKotamaki Member New Car Smell

    Why this isn't in the game yet!      

  • katoh74katoh74 Member New Car Smell
    Need it better yesterday then tommorow. Thanks 
  • phaasephaase Member New Car Smell
    A hot seat mode with very short tracks (similar) to trackmania will be much fun! And will improve players skills when driving such a short track several times and compareing the time. This will perfectly teach how to take a specific corner in the fastest way (e.g. drifting vs. grip when driving on tarmac).
  • LordJunkLordJunk Member New Car Smell
    I think it looks useless to the devs, because they already did the online features which in some way is an online mode for what you seek here... especially the fact that everyone's got his/her own setup at home.
    Though I agree it cannot be hard to implement such a feature...
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