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@Loore @justfatlee can you remove this now Please thank you (CLOSED)

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looking for people to join are racing team as the patch should be here in the next few days. we mainly race touring cars, street cars and drifting/ American Muscle cars. team racing, fun racing. on xbox 360. GT UN SUB 1001 manager/owner. level 105 now :( level 8 used to be 50 before correct save errors. looking forward to race Team NWR again :D @NWRCHARGER
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First corner crashes are not fun.


  • NWRChargerNWRCharger Member Wheel Nut

    I'm gona be on tomorrow if you want to add me mate :) NWR Charger LE 

    NWR opening for new members! Interested in joining?  Message me :)

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