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Are equal cars the same as Mercedes' performance?

WorntoathreadWorntoathread Member, Drivers Team Principal
@Lozzy I've been struggling to find this out for quite a while now, because I make my setups for online racing with Mercedes' in time trial, but I'm never really sure if these will behave the same online, using different cars with equal performance. Could you maybe shed some light on how equal cars performance works?


  • OctoberDusk06OctoberDusk06 Member Unleaded
    I agree. It would be good to know, since we can't create a "Quick Race" with equal cars.
  • jinCHEZjinCHEZ Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    This bump is actually quite funny haha ^^
  • haydn23haydn23 Member Race Engineer
    I would love to know aswell @Lozzy it's always been a shady area of your games. I still feel on f1 2013+14 the marussia and Caterham were the fastest cars and it shows really, when I drive them I win but when I drive a Ferrari I get a podium or below (in league races)
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  • WorntoathreadWorntoathread Member, Drivers Team Principal
    edited March 2017
    jinCHEZ said:
    This bump is actually quite funny haha ^^
    haha, I didn't even remember posting this, then saw it's from 2015. To answer my own question and @OctoberDusk06 , equal cars should be Mercedes performance :) 
  • alex1994128alex1994128 Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    edited March 2017
    it's mercedes performance but not mercedes Handling characteristics at all. I used the Red Bull for the Majority of my Online racing and the setups i use online are fundamentally different from TT, as the red bull online is a very stable car, while in TT you can really slide the mercedes through some corners.

    I think this difference in Handling charactesistics is more because of track grip differences between online and TT, but those characteristic and the slight difference in handling between the online cars makes for me at least TT setups useless in many cases.

    For F1 2017 it might be useful to have the same or very similar grip levels between online and TT ( online should be obv. affected by temperatures) , so that you can take your online setups into TT
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  • JP072JP072 Member Petrol Head
    Well i know for sure that tt setups doesn't work when you are online with equal cars. I was really off pace online, i had to get used to the cars again. Setups needed alot of tweaking but mostly online there is no practice or parc ferme is on.
    even career setups didn't work for me...
  • LozzyLozzy Member, Codemasters Champion
    edited March 2017
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    I was under the impression that since we fixed the gearbox issue that equal was equal in terms of performance. The guys raised some issues with the feel of the cars when they were in the office last week so that's certainly something to look in to but I would have to get our handling guys to investigate that.

    Do other people find that their setups work differently with different cars when equal performance is on?
  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    Yes. The setups are not interchangeable under equal performance.  I have a feeling that equal performance gives you maxed out r n d career cars, not the baseline Merc stats.  
  • BodykitflaresBodykitflares Member Pit Crew
    coolieboy said:
    Yes. The setups are not interchangeable under equal performance.  I have a feeling that equal performance gives you maxed out r n d career cars, not the baseline Merc stats.  
    Interesting way to look at it, but I think it's an optical illusion because I can feel the difference between mercedes/ferrari/renault/honda and I felt on equal cars that I was driving a mercedes, but in the ferrari, I get more oversteer and better turn-in which is weird. Could this be an error in the code @Lozzy

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