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Grid autosport wont run/launch

i purchased this game 2 days ago through steam, i have a amd 6core 3.2ghz, 8gb memory, gtx 570 video card windows 7 64bit, updated all my drivers/windows up dates, i every time i try to start/run the game, i get a steam box that pops up saying game preparing to launch, and then i get the grid autosport icon flash up, the 2 will go back and fort flashing between each other, but the game never starts/launch's , i have tried the directx false to true,uninstalled steam, the game several times, disabled anti virus software,disabled fire wall, still nothing, i want a refund at this point !!!!!!


  • Ma3uMa3u Member New Car Smell
    I have the exact same problem , please give a solution

  • Ma3uMa3u Member New Car Smell
    well after some communication from the support team , the solution that helped me was rolling back the integrated intel's 4600 gpu driver. (i  play on laptop with 2 gpus) ran safe mode then istalled the latest driver and it runs
  • sneepeur09sneepeur09 Member New Car Smell
    steam code d erreur 53 impossible de finalisé l instalation car les serveurs steam sont surchargés .

    quoi faire?
  • Thelma487Thelma487 Member New Car Smell
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