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Thrustmaster T150 support

Is there any chance that the new Thrustmaster T150 will be supported? Grid Autosport is my favourite Grid game, and it doesn't work with my new wheel (it goes crazy on the menu options). If I have to sell a lung to get this wheel to work with anything remotely Codemasters, I will. Even F1 2015 struggles to be nice with it, and Dirt Rally has it's own problems. Please note, Project Cars is fine of course... we won't ask why that is.

Long time Codies fan, glad to hear they are solely focusing on their racing franchises now... wheel support is important because wheel owners pay the most money on racing games.... fact!


  • dubyadubya Member New Car Smell
    Does anyone know if this has been resolved either by pc drivers, game update or not?  I have purchased both this steering wheel and game as a Christmas present, as this steering wheel is such good value I may need to go in search of another game!  Thanks in advance for any comments / updates.
  • hardeauxhardeaux Member New Car Smell
    The craziness in the menus seems to be that the Y-Axis = Brake pedal is causing the selection bar to scroll.  If you fan the pedal, you can get the scrolling to quit.

    Looking forward to playing Autosports with the T150 - The wheel has performed fantastically and is a great value! 
  • ianmcukianmcuk Member New Car Smell
    Any news on support for this wheel in Grid Autosport?
  • hardeauxhardeaux Member New Car Smell
    I was able to get around the menu issue by setting the pedals to 'combined' mode in the Windows driver.  I was inspired to mess with that setting after it was pointed out to actually use it in that mode (see below).
    I ran a few races and it seemed OK - even with the odd default button configurations.. 

    To be honest, I've spent most of my time stressing out trying to keep cars on the road in Dirt Rally!! ;)

    FYI: Here's snippets from my ticket:
    Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning Grid Autosport.

    This version of the game does not officially support Windows 10, so we are limited in the support we can provide unfortunately. However as long as all your hardware has Windows 10 compatible drivers, and meets or exceeeds the minimum requirements of the game, you should be able to get it to run. We also recommend verifying the integrity of the game cache as detailed on the following link:


    We have no plans for a Windows 10 patch, at the current time I'm afraid.

    Kind regards

    Codemasters Customer Services

    I pushed back a little more and got this:

    We can only recommend that your controller is plugged in and functioning correctly in Windows and that you have downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the device from the manufacturer's website. You should also ensure that no schemes or profiles are running for your controller. If you are using a steering wheel, we recommend that you use the 'separate' axis options for your pedals, rather than the 'combined' option. See your wheel documentation for further information on this.

    Kind regards

    Codemasters Customer Services
  • blargwarghblargwargh Member New Car Smell
    There is a simple way around this. And it makes you wonder why adding support is so difficult. I've had to do this for both  Dirt Rally and Grid Autosport.
    The TM150 and TM500RS has the same button layout. You need to edit the contents of two files. The tm_500rs.xml found in the input folder of the games folder, and the devicesetup.xml found in the forcefeedback folder.

    I have replaced the device_type id of the TM500RS in the xml with that of the TM150.  
    A program like notepad++, makes it easy to replace all instances.

    Make a backup the files you edit.

    The TM500RS device_type id is: B65E044F-0000-0000-0000-504944564944.
    Replace any instance of this with: B677044F-0000-0000-0000-504944564944

    Edit xml in both input folder and forcefeedback folder.

  • StezStez Member New Car Smell
    Nice to know it's not just us Logitech owners who are having problems. 
    Not so nice to hear they basically aren't interested because the game is pre-Windows 10. 
    I've also manage to sort of get it working by editing the direct input file but it's abit sad codemasters can't be bothered to fix something that would be relatively easy to fix. 
  • LaserjonesLaserjones Member New Car Smell
    edited January 2017

    I cannot get my T150 to be recognized by DiRT Showdown, even though I read somewhere that it can be done by editing XML files. I tried to apply the solution suggested by blargwargh, but with no success. In case of Showdown, the tm_500rs.xml is located in the actionmap folder. In this file, as well as in the devicesetup.xml in the forcefeedback folder, I replaced "Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing wheel" with "Thrustmaster T150 Racing wheel", which is the name displayed in the Windows device manager. The device_type id mentioned by blargwargh above does not appear in these files, so I could not change that.

    The wheel is still not found by Showdown, all I get to select is "Keyboard".

    In DiRT Rally, the wheel works without problems, so it is obviously installed correctly.

    Does anyone use the T150 successfully with Showdown? What exactly did you do to make it work?

    Best regards,
  • JeffZ2HJeffZ2H Member New Car Smell
    I have successfully been able to use the T150 in DiRT Showdown, and its actually quite simple. First you have to go to the game's file and find the folder actionmap. Then scroll down until you find the xml document called tm_t500rs. The T500 RS and the T150 have the same button layout, so all you have to do is to open the document, change the name to "Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel" or whatever the game controller name is on your computer, save, and start the game. Go to options, controls, and the name should be there as a preset. Hope this helps!
    Best Regards,

  • ch3stych3sty Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2017
    i tried to do this and i got the wheel to show up in game presets but the buttons are wrong or unassigned. if i set them it wont save, i have to set them every time i start the game. i then tried to edit the buttons in the xml file but that did not work.  any help?  this is for grid autosport on pc steam.

    never mind i got it to work.
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