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DiRT Rally Road Book – 04/12/15 | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT Rally Road Book – 04/12/15 | Codemasters Blog

Hello DiRT Fans, and welcome to this week’s Road Book! It’s been another manic week in the studio, and we’re almost at the finish line with the next update. A lot of you have been asking when you can expect to have Winter Wonderland downloading in your Steam clients. Rest assured that it is imminent.

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  • NIKEY176NIKEY176 Member New Car Smell
    "Rounding off our car list for this year..." - I like this phrase) Thanks, guys, for what you do. Great game!
  • pokeropokero Member New Car Smell
    Thank you CODEMASTER back to your origins, creating this great rally Simulator. The only thing that we ask of many in the community are multiplayer rally racing.
  • pokeropokero Member New Car Smell
    The Copilot in Spanish says some curves badly or simply does not say them. Sorry for my English.
  • pokeropokero Member New Car Smell
    Follow so go very well codemaster, cheaters in the fire.
  • beltra99beltra99 Member New Car Smell
    the game is amazing but missing a few things to be perfect. One is the canfiguracion of the outer chamber . It would be very good that could set the camera to monitor the car so you can better see the sides of the car when taking a bend , because it seems that the bed is fixed to the car and drive and costs a little dizzy . if the best rally games are set is best appreciated when cornering. and local multiplayer tackle. to play with friends on the same PC , do multiplayer championships
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