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DiRT Rally - Winter Wonderland and Version 1.0 update

jennyannemjennyannem Member, Codemasters Community Manager

This is it. It’s all led to this point. It’s time for version 1.0!

Yes, as of today, DiRT Rally is officially leaving Early Access and launching on Steam. It’s been a hell of a ride and we’re so glad you’ve been able to join us along the road to launch. Between you, you’ve clocked up over 98 million kilometres so far!

Today’s Steam launch brings with it the Winter Wonderland update, which delivers a new rally set in the snow and ice of the Varmland region of Sweden to the game. These snow-filled stages are known for their snow banks and we’ve been hard at work on new soft edge tech that simulates the density of snow. As a result, you can now lean on the snow banks when pushing for those stage records.

The update also brings two new cars to the game, the Hyundai Rally and the Volkswagen Polo Rally. These cars are the most recent additions to the pinnacle of the sport and they are the perfect way to round off our Early Access programme.

The Winter Wonderland update also sees the introduction of Steam Workshop support that allows players to share Car Setup & Force Feedback settings. You can find a guide for this here (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=570805193). You can get started with settings from our simulation team here (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=570797271).

We’ve also made improvements and refinements made to Global Leaderboards and League support.

Here’s the rundown of other stuff that’s new this month:

  • The Group B RWD, Hillclimb and Kit Cars have been upgraded to v2 handling.  
  • Now that all cars are up to v2 spec, the Self Aligning Torque has been re-balanced to support the new handling.
  • We found the spanners and wrenches that adjust the seats in all of your cars. Mind your head!
  • We also changed the mapping for Gears, Look Back, Clutch and Replay on the Logitech G29.
  •  The Logitech G920 is now fully supported.
  •  The Clutch, Look Up and Seat Adjustment keys have been remapped on QWERTY / AZERTY keyboards to save your fingers and thumbs.
  • The SimXperience AccuForce Pro Steering System is now fully supported.
  • You can now tune your immersion levels by customising your OSD options, choosing between On, Countdowns Only and Off.
  • The Logitech G29 wheel is now correctly listed in the controller preset menu.
  • Custom Championships now reward you with the correct number of credits.
  • There’s a new EULA to sign when you boot the game, which asks you to kindly behave yourself when you’re playing with others.
  • Your favourite pet mouse has learnt a new trick, and can now change the livery on your car.
  • If you own an Owner’s Club event, you will now correctly own the Owned achievement.
  • If you pledge a wedge to an online Wager Event and the event ends while you’re on stage, we’ll give you your CR back.
  • Your Oculus Rift can now be toggled to lock the horizontal orientation. Look for a flag in the hardware configuration file.
  • Sliders on the Advanced Racing Wheel Options screen now increment at the same rate as the Steering and Pedal calibration screen.
  • Your Service Crews are back from their training course and will now correctly setup your car for multi-location events.
  • Stopped one set of Rallycross results from appearing on a Rally leaderboard.
  • You no longer need to hold the headlight control to activate your lights. You can now just tap that.
  • Windows accounts with accented and non-latin characters will now correctly save game settings.
  • Fixed a weird bug where the camera would briefly flick back to the default position at the start of a stage after customising the seat position.
  • @Kick_Up will now politely and calmly inform you if your wheels fall off, and if you’re going the wrong way.

As ever, please stop by the forums and let us know what you think of version 1.0 and how you think we did in early access. We couldn’t have done it without you!




The DiRT Team x

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  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    Well done those guys :)                                                                   
    AMD [email protected]/EVGA GTX 1060 FTW/16gb RAM/OS - Win 10/Turtle Beach X11/360pad                                 View - Front Bumper Cam/No Assists

  • NightswipeNightswipe Member Unleaded
    edited December 2015
    Varmland? No no. It's Värmland ;) 
    Also, I posted this in the bugthread. Make it easier for mouseusers to access the quickmenu up at the top. 
    As it is now, you can hover on them but not select them.
  • DytutDytut Member Champion
    edited December 2015
    Vafalls, här har jag i alla mina dagar skrivit det som Wermland. Fy på mig ;-)

    A wintery SKÅL to you all Codies, thank you for EA :-D
    Arete or 43. M. Andersson on steam/leaderboards.

  • NahkamarakattiNahkamarakatti Member Wheel Nut
    Congrats guys! What a year it has been! Never believed you actually can do all this before 1.0. Keep up the good work!
  • Cezarica97Cezarica97 Member New Car Smell
    Congrats Codies! Its been an amazing year.This was my first early access game and i dont regret i bought it.I just love this game! Please keep up with the good work :) 
  • OzoreXSOzoreXS Member Race Steward
    Didnt tried it yet (I´m at office forever.. :( )

    Nice additions:
    - Workshop !!
    - League car upgrades selectable (Full / user)
    - +2 2010´s
    - Swedden (snow banks loooooks sooo great!!!)

    Hells burning my ass... I have at least two hours until I can get home , download and drive some of this new stuff.

    Codies, Codies bosses and other 3rd party codies: THANK YOU. for bringing us a game that worth it.
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  • misterdogmisterdog Member Unleaded
    Since V2 physics were launched i'm really enjoying this game. Keep up the excellent work codies and thanks!
  • steviejbsteviejb Member Wheel Nut
    Still waiting for my broken connection to finish downloading it, but I'm seriously looking forward to taking the Polo for a spin in the snow.  B) Even though it's not mentioned, has the ability to alt+F4 and resume from the stage you did it been fixed? It's still a massive issue for leagues and renders any real attempt to keep the car intact pointless, when you just know people will be abusing the hell out of it.

    Either way, thank you Codemasters for the best rally game in a decade. It's been a long, painful wait, but you have filled the hole quite brilliantly. Here's to a long life for DiRT Rally and hopefully, more in the series. :)
  • JPiñeiroJPiñeiro Member New Car Smell
    the pacenotes not sound tracks in Sweden, I have the game and start the Spanish track everything works ok but when it begins to sound the notes sound in only gles and says the first corner but then does not speak until the end.
  • JPiñeiroJPiñeiro Member New Car Smell
    I correct and that it should be arranged that he had not discharged completely and all I inuicio the game now everything works right.
  • CheeseGromitCheeseGromit Member New Car Smell
    Congratulations on 1.0.                                 
  • SkyRexSkyRex Member Petrol Head
    Here, for all of you that can't play yet but would like to see the new stuff anyway:

  • KevMKevM Member Champion
    I cant watch the replays, it'll slow my DL speed lol
  • TanHammerTanHammer Member Unleaded
    Congrats codies!! Can't wait to have a go!
  • RickyMcHawkRickyMcHawk Member Wheel Nut
    I'm confused: Is PP with V2 physics as of v1.0?
  • PorkhammerPorkhammer Member Champion
    Congratulations Codemasters!                       
    "forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza" -michaelangelo
  • RodgerDaviesRodgerDavies Member Champion
    I'm confused: Is PP with V2 physics as of v1.0?

    And they're a big improvement. I'm still slightly disappointed not to be able to try PP in rally mode, but it's definitely a lot more fun in the three default cars now.
    Put the Stratos back in H2 please!!!
  • TonyRickardTonyRickard Member Pit Crew
    I'm confused: Is PP with V2 physics as of v1.0?

    And they're a big improvement. I'm still slightly disappointed not to be able to try PP in rally mode, but it's definitely a lot more fun in the three default cars now.
    Have the Group B RWD cars also been updated to V2?
  • epoxx2epoxx2 Member New Car Smell
    Congrats ! Félicitation :D A page has been closed Hope we will have more cool stuff in the future ! 
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