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Grid Autosport - G29

Good afternoon

I have a problem with Grid Autosport and the wheel Logitech G29. Also I have Dirt Rally with which I have no problem.

I managed to work perfectly Grid with the G29 wheel, but if  I change a file, Steam achievements are not working.

I wanted to know if you could do supports the G29 wheel, you just have to put the same .xml file lg_g29.xml (Dirt Rally/input) in input folder and change the paths.xml file to add the address to that file.

Thank you.


  • Memphis81Memphis81 Member New Car Smell
    tested and worked! That would be an easy way to support many older Codemasters Games with the G29/920 but unfortunetely I don't think so that Codemasters is interested to update so called no more supported games. I fixed the problem differently.
    I used the keyboard input without changing it to direct input. Then I changed the controls to my G29 buttons. Works fine in-game.
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