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New Operation Flashpoint for Next-Gen!!!!!

Any Thoughts for a new Operation Flashpoint.....Me personal I hope cause the dragon rising multiplayer has potential for the next gen and esports.


  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    Not going to happen anytime soon. Just last week CM announced they wouldn't be making any more non-racing games.
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  • AceWonderAceWonder Member New Car Smell
    Thats crazy cause there missing out on a console market for military sim shooter; if they were able to make a new game and bring the multiplayer back from dragon rising and refine it and increase the player count along with adding alittle customization features. Especially with the next-gen hardware available its the perfect timing. It would be solid sim shooter for consoles and awesome for esports competition since its a strategic based game. I truly think it could compete with battlefield. I HOPE THEY CHANGE THEIR MINDS ON THAT DECISION.
  • ZeeDogeZeeDoge Member New Car Smell
    Please give me cloud powered battles with thousands of units. New Flashpoint, new Flashpoint!
  • KidAresKidAres Member New Car Smell
    i just posted asking if they forgot about Operation Flashpoint. They really need to make a new one idc if its new gen or on 360 again bcuz they could make a better one for both gen. As long as it like dragon rising and not red river. i love having a squad to command while being on the battlefield fighting beside them seeing the action and close to realism combat happen. i havent played another console game close to it yet. hopefully we can find a way to change their minds they could really use they racing physics for the driving in a war sim instead or make both racing and operation flash point that game would make a killing right now.....
  • KidAresKidAres Member New Car Smell
    i guess we all better hit up the EA or DICE forums and post ideas and hope they pick it up if we ever wanna see it again 
  • quenelle14quenelle14 Member New Car Smell
    we need new operation flashpoint on next gen!
  • quenelle14quenelle14 Member New Car Smell
    red river was so realist and addictive, miss it so much on ps4
  • SpaceMonkeySpaceMonkey Member, Codemasters Codemasters Employee

  • YaBOyASHYYaBOyASHY Member New Car Smell
    yo, its ashy here, I would LOVE a new flashpoint game!!! I wouldd like it to be Vietnam themed !! - ASHY OUT YO!!!! :smile:
  • FlashPoint1371FlashPoint1371 Member New Car Smell
    Yes we want OF back u hear us codemasters?
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