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Youtube Upload "Losing Connection Losing Connection To Server"

When ever i try to upload a clip to Youtube from Grid Auto sport on Xbox 360 i get a message that i've lost connection to the racenet server. Can anyone help me find a solution?


  • ZimTacticsZimTactics Member New Car Smell
    hey man im having same issue but from pc version, did u find a fix?
  • GuzMotoracerGuzMotoracer Member New Car Smell
    This is already two years.. I'm facing the same issue with PS3 and GRID Autosport? Please can someone help? I can go trough the entire process as select the video intervals, connect to RACENET, preview, save, but when it come up to upload to YOUTUBE, it gives me a message saying: "Lost connection with racenet, try again later!" Please support me? this is 14/09/2018..
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