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Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all my fellow GRID fans. Whether you're into Grid 1, Grid 2  or Grid 3, I feel like we're all brothers in the world of all things GRID. You guys are all awesome! I mean it!

I personally have not played any of the GRID games(or any racing game for that matter) in 2 and a half years. But hopefully I will be back in a few months to join you all on the track. I am getting closer to my goal of saving up enough money to buy the greatest FFB steering wheel on planet Earth...the Bodnar SimSteering Version 2! As I continue to work everyday and save up, I often sit back, close my eyes and dream about using the Bodnar wheel with GRID 2. Knowing that it will happen soon some day always brings a smile to my face....every time! To say I'm bursting with excitement is an understatement.

As some of you may already know, GRID 2 is my personal favorite out of the three, and words cannot begin to describe just how much I miss the game. I mean seriously...it's been so long that Spa or Bathurst weren't even out yet when I left. So to say I'm excited to try all the new content GRID 2 has to offer, with a top notch FFB wheel and pedals is an understatement.

I see there's still some (albeit small) online activity for GRID 2. Looks like an average of about 200-300 people or so a day. That's still pretty good in my book, considering how old the game is and how much hate it's gotten since it's release. That is more than enough people in my opinion for a good healthy session of online races.

With all that having been said: to Codemasters:

CM if you read this: Please please please P-L-E-A-S-E never....and I mean E-V-E-R.....take down the GRID 2 servers like you did with GRID 1. That would devastate me more than you could ever know. Some of us do still love this game to death, and I cannot wait to get back on it. So please CM, keep the servers up for GRID 2 for as long as possible(aka another 100 years or so). Because as long as they're up, I will be playing GRID 2 until I'm in my 90's!!

Happy New Year! :)


  • MiatakiasGRMiatakiasGR Member Pit Crew
    edited January 2016

                                                                      Happy new year to! >:)
  • isamu99isamu99 Member Unleaded
    Thanks. Hopefully more people will discover and play all the GRID games in 2016 :)
  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    I'm certainly enjoying GRID Autosport on Mac all over again, after playing it to death on 360. Just a pity there''s no way to bring my progress over, despite the fact both versions connect to Racenet :/
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