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The F1 2016 GP Predictor Forum Game

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Hello and welcome to the 75th Annual Hunger Games! F1 2016 Grand Prix Predictor Forum Game!


You will score points based on the results of every race held in the 2016 season.


It is very easy, you need to predict the top 3 in qualifying and top 10 in the race for every Grand Prix.

You need to put the finishing position and then the driver who you think will finish there. If you name a driver twice then you will not score points for those two drivers. For instance, if you put Fernando Alonso to finish in 7th and 10th then you will not score points for him, even if he finishes 7th or 10th.

Just submit the post with the list of your top 10 finishers and top 3 Qualifiers. Please note that you may NOT EDIT those predictions by editing a post or making a new post later on. If you do so then you will not score points for that Grand Prix. If I see something at the bottom of a post with a prediction and it has been edited then you will not score points for that Grand Prix, so make sure you are happy with your predictions before submitting them as there is no turning back. If you post on here saying that you will make your predictions later then that is fine but you MUST make a BRAND NEW POST with your predictions for them to be counted. If you edit a post from earlier on and replace it with your predictions then I will not count them as it will say that you have edited a post. You must make a brand new post. 

If you make brand new predictions for every race then at the end of the season you will receive a bonus 10 points. It is a little incentive to gain an extra 10 points. For example if someone makes brand new predictions for every race then they will receive those extra 10, but even if you don't make new ones for one race then you won't. Invalid predictions (for example edits) will still count towards the bonus.

If you enter less than 10 drivers for any Grand Prix then you will not score points for that round. Also, if you make a prediction for a Grand Prix but fail to make another prediction for the next one, then I will just use the predictions from the previous race to determine your points on this race. A failure to make new predictions for four consecutive races will prevent you from scoring points until new predictions are made.

There have recently been a couple of cases where players have been banned from the forums but would still like to post predictions. If this happens then I will just use your predictions from the last race. When you are off your ban you can predict again. In the event of a permanent ban, you will remain on the scoreboard until the end of the season, but cannot score points once your three race grace period is up.


I will use the official race and qualifying results published by the FIA. Any disqualifications or penalties will be used here so for instance, if you chose Esteban Gutierrez to finish 9th, he did but then got a disqualification then you would not score points for him. It is the same situation in Qualifying, it is the starting grid, not the "over the line" results

Should 2 or more players score the same number of points from a Grand Prix, the player who submitted their predictions first would take the higher position in the results tables and the player who submitted their predictions last would take the lower position in the results tables. Should predictions from a previous race need to be used, these will be ranked behind a new set for the race.

I will keep a sheet of all results from Grand Prix's along with totals for each player. I will update this post with the latest results one or two DAYS after the race, not one or two weeks later.

The deadline for predictions is before FP3 is scheduled to begin. Any predictions posted after this time will not be counted.


If a driver you have picked is unable to race then the driver who replaces him will replace your vote. Tough luck if a driver you have predicted pulls out and a bad one comes in.

You may join the game at any time, you must make a post though declaring that you are in the game and you will start on 0 points. It is best if you join at the start of the season because you will score more points. To see if you are in the game then check the post after this, there will also be the results tables there


If there are any arguments here which I think damages the reputation of the thread then the people mainly involved will receive a 50 point deduction from their overall score. I will give you a warning though if I feel you are close to getting the deduction.


You will be awarded points using this system:

6 – Correctly predicted Qualifying position
4 – Prediction 1 place away from actual Qualifying position
2 – Prediction 2 places away from actual Qualifying position
0 – Prediction 3 or more places away from actual Qualifying position

20 - Correctly predicted finishing position
10 - Prediction 1 place away from actual finishing position
5 - Prediction 2 places away from actual finishing position
0 - Prediction 3 or more places away from actual finishing position
0 - Failure to make a complete set of predictions

Bonus 30 – Perfectly predicted Top 3
Bonus 20 – Correctly predicted Top 3 but not in the right order

Bonus 5 - Correctly predicted the driver who set the fastest lap of the race
Therefore, the maximum points you can get from Qualifying is 18
The maximum points you can get from the Race is 205

Here is an example of how to make your predictions:

1) Lewis Hamilton
2) Nico Rosberg
3) Fernando Alonso (lol what a joker)

1) Lewis Hamilton
2) Nico Rosberg
3) Sebastian Vettel
4) Kimi Raikkonen
5) Valtteri Bottas
6) Esteban Gutierrez
7) Sergio Perez
8) Daniil Kvyat
9) Romain Grosjean
10) Felipe Massa

NEW FOR 2016

I have also decided to overhaul the points system, see the points scheme above for more. To add to the game, you can now predict the driver who sets the fastest lap of the race for a bonus 5 points! As in 2015, the constructors championship will be continuing. You can stay in the same teams as last season, but should you decide to swap around and make your own teams, you may do so before I lock down the teams at the Australian GP. You can think of this time period as a 'transfer window' like in football. 

Thanks to SynGamer for providing me with an excellent spreadsheet that makes it very easy to put in points!!!

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