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New GRID game this year? Please CM

is there a new GRID game coming this year? GRID Autosport is from 2014, so it will be time to release a new game. :smile: 


  • MiatakiasGRMiatakiasGR Member Pit Crew
    we all like a new GRID game but now the studio that makes Grid prepares Dirt rally for consoles so do not expect soemthing new about grid game very soon..:(
  • crazehayes1984crazehayes1984 Member Unleaded
    Boo I want grid now I want grid now boo hoo
  • OzoreXSOzoreXS Member Race Steward
    I would love to see a new Grid but only if it takes the good from Dirt Rally; not hardcore simulator... but something closer to reality.

    Codemasters knows how to do that. Simulator enough to be credible, arcade enough to be fun.
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