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Will Codemasters have a game apparel store?

Because I totally want a Ravenwest Motorsport T-shirt or hoodie.

I'd pay for one. Or maybe as a limited-edition preorder thing for GRID Autosport? Hmm...


  • SynGamerSynGamer Member Race Steward
    A merchandise store in general would.be pretty cool...
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  • sjsharp2010sjsharp2010 Member Champion
    doubt it but anything is possivle

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  • Matthew77258Matthew77258 Member Race Steward
    I know they have things such as tops (I have a DiRT showdown and F1 2012 shirt that I won a few months ago) so maybe a shop is a possibility? 
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  • couger1981couger1981 Member Race Engineer
    They will only have promotional stuff to give away at events or competitions.
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  • justbigleejustbiglee Member Champion
    This is something people have been asking for for ages (both inside and outside the company).

    I'd love a Ravenwest hoody! 

    Hopefully we will finally get one open one day! 

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