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Why Race Driver: GRID is the best racing game ever made, and what we need in a GRID sequel

DaemonXHUNDaemonXHUN Member New Car Smell
Hi everyone! 
First of all, sorry about my English.

To this day, I completed more than 550 videogames, and with a lot of experience in my pocket, I safe to say Race Driver: GRID is the best racing game I've ever played. When the game released back in 2008, it got high praise by both the critics and the players due to it's innovative gameplay ideas, etc. But GRID 2 and Autosport hammered by a lot of people because these games lost the essential charm that the first GRID has.

To understand the statement above, first you need to know, why the first GRID game is so special. As the wise saw says, the devil is in the detail. There's a lot of small things in the first GRID that create the unique feeling of it. A good example is when you choose your name at the start of the game, then the commentator calls you in your name and he is talking during the race events about what's happening. But I can say something about that fantastic crash modell /physics too. I never seen someting like that since then in any racing game. I remember I spent hours and hours with the GRID demo on my Xbox360 just to constantly amazed by the fantastic crash physics. Then I used the flashback option and it was mindblowing to see that when I turned back time, every little pieces of the car were slowly building back to the car. Sorry, it's hard to say it properly in English, but I hope, you understand, what I'm talking about. These kind of ideas helped the game to create a unique, authentic feeling, and a high level of immersion for the player, and ultimately create that so-called WOW-factor.

So, that WOW-factor is completely missing from GRID 2 and Autosport, because they got dumbed down in a lot of ways, or go wrong in a lot of places. The small unique things from GRID were died when GRID 2 released. Also, the driving mechanics in the first game is unbeleivable enjoyable; it created the perfect balance beetween simulator and arcade style. The feeling of driving in that game is so good. And finally that is the game that get me like the cockpit view, because I can fully control my car and I can play like a pro even if  I'm using an interior view. 

So what we need? We need a new GRID game with all of the unique things that made the first game great (continuous flashback system, great car handling (simcade style) and crash physics, commentator and "choose a name" option, etc.), and we need some new things too. For example let us play with our friends in two player team in campaign/championship mode.


  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    Much as I'd love a new GRID game, most of the things you liked about GRID are exactly the same things I liked about GRID Autosport. (Except Autosport had much better handling...)
    Braked: the past tense of brake.
    Broke, brokenanything within reach when I hear racing gamers say 'broke' instead of 'braked'.
  • LoggyLoggy Member Unleaded
    Yes I too remember spending a lot of time just smashing the BMW up just being amazed at how good the damage model was, being able to reverse the track and sit around without disqualification helped.
    The damage modeling was not perfect in G1 though as different graphic settings would alter the actual damage modeling online which was not a good thing, ie. IIRC  when you set the world physics to solid it also kept your car solid so you didn't lose steering and could maintain good speed even after a knock which would give others with different graphics settings a difficult to control pull and wobble, but it did make all the tyres and bales into concrete though so there was a trade off.

    Punctures are not really helpful in a simcade though and specially in derby with seemingly the same fragility modeled into the cars, and as you can go nearly as fast with a puncture whats the point? (except derby where a puncture seems to actually nerf the car :* )

    With the less damaging effects of a crash in grid one, flashbacks were not needed online as you could quickly get back to the race.

    I prefer Grid Autosports less forgiving handling over Grid 1's as it needs a bit more attention to stay in the groove. There is a balance between handling which is easy to pickup and then fine tune to be able to go faster, and out and out arcade (GRID 2), and I hope codies stay with what we have now.
  • crazehayes1984crazehayes1984 Member Unleaded
    Autosport is the best driving game by far, handling is spot on. Grid1 the handling is too easy. If the career from grid1 was matched with the handling in autosport that would be perfect. All autosport needed was some longer term support and some updates to have more track/car combos in multi-player. That's my opinion anyways 
  • theravenousbeastheravenousbeas Member New Car Smell
    edited February 2016
    IMO the second Race Driver is the best out of the modern Codies games. Both the sim and pro-sim handling modes felt really good with either a gamepad or a wheel and the AI was fantastic. In comparison, even in GAS it feels like the cars are floating over the track and oversteer/understeer feel artificial. GRID 1 was even worse, it was only slightly better than ToCA 3 which was a mess in terms of the cars' handling (handling on rails).

    What GRID 1 and maybe the first Race Driver game did much, much better than any other circuit racer on the market was the presentation of the whole package and the career mode. The sense of achievement of building up a team, driving seasons, making liveries etc. that, disregarding Forza and GT, no other PC racing game ever did (PCars is a disaster, don't even mention that). This, combined with really good AI (most important IMO), a solid simcade physics model that's pleasing to both gamepad and wheel users and a solid car/track list will definitely sell well.

    All the ToCA\GRID games have had these features but never in one game. That's what GAS should've been but ultimately wasn't. When Codies get this right, they'll have a great racing game for both the casual player and the simracer.

    What gives me hope is that they so many things right with DR now and it shows. Maybe this will inspire the necessary improvements for the next GRID game.
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