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Have you guys gave up on operation flashpoint???????????

i never played any OP games til recently when OP: Dragin Rising was the free for gold game on xbox and now i cant even put it down not alot of ppl playing but still amazing but if you was to make another one with more vehicles and gadgets to use and another extreme campaign with coop and a massive map even on multiplayer keep massive maps i swear to god it will be one of top games people wanna play jus make it like flashpoint i tried red river me and like 9 friends we all took it back there was no multiplayer only story which is cool but its makes a game when it has pvp keep the realism if not improve it i have all my old company and my lil brother and his company getting down on dragon rising daily codemasters could get rid of call of duty from the fps competition for good nobody likes that game anymore its out dated but i have alot of ideas and more input on this subject if your interested on hearing more please contact me at richard_kidwell@yahoo.com thank you


  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    edited February 2016
    Yes, they've given up on it. Codemasters recently closed their Malta studio to concentrate solely on racing games from now on. (Then again, they've said that before.)

    Braked: the past tense of brake.
    Broke, brokenanything within reach when I hear racing gamers say 'broke' instead of 'braked'.
  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    The original game, Cold War Crisis, is one of my all time favourite games.
  • DonMarsDonMars Member New Car Smell
    Holy hell yes Coolieboy.
    The original Op Flashpoint ushered in a new paradigm of gaming--no more bullet-sponge bulls**t. The original sandbox, the original damage engine, the original massive online playing--and the original military SIM. Codemasters was head-and-shoulders above every other FPS "combat" game. And back when it was hard to even imagine a game like it, it popped onto the scene. Dragon Rising was good too...no Cold War Crisis, but hell, for a console it rocked. Red River, was tepid when compared to previous Flashpoint titles, but still much better than what other developers were putting out. I love these games. There are however many, many gamers who are much more deeply passionate about these titles and the possibilities they present now with the next-gen explosion (christ, can you imagine?). And MS and Sony are only ramping things up for the next half-decade or so... There needs to be a mobilization on the heels of this news--not that Codemasters has a consistent history of applying (or even listening to) the feedback of the audience that makes it possible for them to make a livelihood out of their passion: creating ****-hot games.
    I respect what CM has put out as product with their current focus on driving/racing games, DIRT is a badass title. F1 is insanely popular worldwide. I can't help but think though that if they were to fire up their Malta studios and knock the rust off the Op Flash franchise, they would have a huge success on their hands--and an audience who would be happy to gobble up anything that CodeMasters has to release, whether they be racing simulators or combat simulators. CM needs to remember where they come from--and what their audience is imploring them to provide. There is a need, and it's a pervasive one, not to mention a potential energy out there for the Op Flashpoint product. It only makes sense... 

  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    Tbh, I would be very happy if they only release a remastered version of Dragon Rising or Red River for next gen consoles. BF4 is getting boring, COD Ghost is getting boring, Modern Warefare Remastered feels like a beta game...I'm a huge mil sim fan but WW1 and 2 theatres don't appeal to me and the futuristic shooters are just plain wrong.  That pretty much means the only game I have to look forward to is Insurgency Sandstorm on console, and who knows when that's coming out. 
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