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The Formula 1 Stuff Thread



  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    They had a bad year or two, but in the corners over the last few years it's looked good.

    So back along when Andrew Benson said McLaren going back to Mercedes was a done deal, he was talking out of his like I said when I called him out.
  • MBKF1MBKF1 Member Moderator
    With the exception of Hill leaving Williams in 1997, Andrew Benson has, on the whole, always been talking out of his ass.
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  • ImDyingYouIdiotImDyingYouIdiot Member, Drivers Champion
    One way or the other, this clearly pits McLaren against teams like Red Bull. And I can't wait to see how well they do against them.

    While I'm a Ferrari fan, I want to see McLaren do well, and I genuinely hope they can get out of that slump they've had for the past 5 seasons.
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  • DiRTKiNG808DiRTKiNG808 Member Wheel Nut
    edited September 14
    I'm also a Ferrari fan but I hate seeing McLaren do this bad. I'm happy they are scrapping Honda. Their move to Renault should be a good one.

    What I want the car ratings to be out of 10 for 2018 looks something like this.

    Ferrari's Car 10/10 (Ferrari is the best)

    Mercedes Car 9.9/10 (I want an almost equal battle between the top teams ;) )

    RedBull's Car 9.8/10 (It would be cool to see more cars in the mix)

    McLaren's Car 8/10 (McLaren should have been up there all along)

    Renault's Car 8/10 (It would be cool for them to make a return to the battle at the front)
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  • JiggyJiggy Member Race Steward
    Well, I'm a Ferrari-fan too and I don't like to see McLaren do well.

    I really don't care.

    Either way, Toro Rosso is taking on Honda-engines in an official statement, McLaren switching to Renault in an official statement and the biggest news might be that Carlos Sainz is joining Renault for 2018, also official.

    I'm slowly starting to worry about Toro Rosso, the Honda-deal + the use of paydriver Sean Gelael and now the departure of Carlos Sainz is making me think Red Bull might be a bit more serious than we thought when they threatened to leave F1 or at least sell one team. Leave no doubts about it, Red Bull diminishing their contributions to autosport and F1 would hurt this sport severely.

    So Gasly and Kvyat next season then? Would be the worst Toro Rosso-line up since Speed and Liuzzi.
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