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Field of view settings in Dirt Rally *look here*

So the information that's out there about setting your FOV (field of view) is a little out of date, it was before the in game slider worked the way it did today and involves editing of eye-finity files even if you're not using that.

Here is how the in-game slider settings correspond with the games vertical FOV setting , with all the work done by Tommi-TAG with his mod on RaceDepartment, DiRT Rally - Enhanced Camera Control Mod.
You can use this calculator provided by MrPix to get the mathematically correct FOV for your setup here: http://www.projectimmersion.com/fov/index.php

In short, this *should* allow you to get a good starting point for your FOV using just the in game slider.

<Codemasters Default FOV Table>

In-Game FOV --------> Vertical FOV
0.0 > 30
0.1 > 34
0.2 > 38
0.3 > 42
0.4 > 46
0.5 > 50
0.6 > 54
0.7 > 58
0.8 > 62
0.9 > 66
1.0 > 70


  • PaloSamoPaloSamo Member Co-Driver
    Does it work for every car? I am not 100% sure, but I think some vehicles have slightly different values?
  • F2CMaDMaXXF2CMaDMaXX Member Champion
    It's a game preferences setting, i believe you might be thinking of the seat positions?

    For reference, with my distance from the screen and the aspect ratio my screen runs at, it gave me a value of 39.

    From what i've read, and the info on MrPix's site, it's best to er up from there, so in this case i chose a value in game of 0.3 - Preferring the higher value apparently can help with comfort.

    In my case, upping the in game value to 0.4 was the sweet spot, the lower speeds in game felt a little too low and i can now actually drive from the headcam position as well as my usually preferred bonnet/hood cam.

    I had been using around 0.7 beforehand, and i found myself leaning into my wheel, towards the screen during stages, unable to relax back on my seat.  I didn't immediately think FOV was causing this.  But i just spent the last couple of hours playing with 0.4 (correct for my setup/screen) and i realised i haven't been sat forward once.  
    I hope this can help others in their game setup, although i realise rarer screen types might be harder to work with.  For example, extreme wide, in that case, the mod can help with this, allowing larger vertical FOV's for each in game setting.
  • PaloSamoPaloSamo Member Co-Driver
    What I meant was that these values can be found (and altered) in cameras.xml file for each car. If I remember correctly some cars have different default FOV range. But I will check this when I come back home from nightshift this morning :) 
  • F2CMaDMaXXF2CMaDMaXX Member Champion
    Not sure if they're for replays, the eyefinity stuff can also alter these settings.  However the in game slider appears to be a modifier of those original files.

    So far as being different for each car, i would really doubt that, it's crazy that the overall FOV slider in the game preferences would be car specific.
  • PaloSamoPaloSamo Member Co-Driver
    I could bet these values were different in Early Access. But hey! They are all the same now. Never mind. Thanks for sharing this info ;)
  • F2CMaDMaXXF2CMaDMaXX Member Champion
    They were different in early access, for two reasons that i know of;
    1) The slider didn't work properly
    2) The views it adjusted were limited. (didn't adjust dash view for example.)
  • boganibogani Member Champion
    They were different in early access, for two reasons that i know of;
    1) The slider didn't work properly
    2) The views it adjusted were limited. (didn't adjust dash view for example.)
    Dash cam is still a fixed FOV(0.6). The slider only affects head cam I believe. Well, unless you use the mod :)
  • F2CMaDMaXXF2CMaDMaXX Member Champion
    I will have to confirm the dashcam, but i know the others are affected when i tried them earlier this week.
  • TuliRallyTuliRally Member Wheel Nut
    I have tried my feet on the SUPERFOV setups. Using projected screen to curved arc. I still have to play with .xml files to get correct fov, because it still feels that in Dirt Rally i need to use Vfov x 2 values as mentioned in Mr.Pix 's Fov tutorial.

    This is still very valuable info how the slider works in the game!

    I still have lot of work to do with my setup, and a lot to learn. With smaller FOV values i get more 3D feeling, but less sense of speed. It also seems that from bumper cam i feel more immersed to the enviroment of the game.

  • F2CMaDMaXXF2CMaDMaXX Member Champion
    Just to follow up from @bogani's post, the dashcam does not take FOV from the in game slide, the other views do though.
  • boganibogani Member Champion
    So, I find it fascinating FOV can give you such a different feel. With a small FOV the car is all over the place and it overreacts horribly to wheel input. With a large FOV the car feels much more stable on the road. This is surely because I only use a single monitor and because I'm used to the default dashcam FOV 0.6.

    What strikes me though is that the FFB feels so much tighter when running a large FOV compared to a small FOV.
  • PaloSamoPaloSamo Member Co-Driver
    Just to follow up from @bogani's post, the dashcam does not take FOV from the in game slide, the other views do though.
    You can make it happen by changing the relevant value from false to true in camera.xml file or you can download a mod from RaceDepartment. 
  • iNoTroNiNoTroN Member New Car Smell
    why no FOV setting on PS4 why. pcarrs have FOV setting on PS4 why not dirt rally.
  • AlexSchoubaAlexSchouba Member New Car Smell
     en triple écran avec le multivew supporter il faut multiplier le vFOV x 1.32 pour avoir le vFOV d' un jeu sans le multiview supporter 
    in triple screen with the multivew support it is necessary to multiply the vFOV x 1.32 to have the vFOV of a game without the multiview supporter
  • afahoyafahoy Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2018
    Fwiw I made a FOV calculator a while back that doesn't require Flash (so works on mobile). It also outputs the DiRT-specific multiplier given your screen size+distance.


    (edit: didn't realise this thread was so old, sorry!)
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