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[FEATURE] - UDP Telemetry on PS4

vinceps34vinceps34 Member New Car Smell
With the upcoming DiRT on PS4, would you like to have UDP telemetry on consoles in order to have motion sim, apps running on smartphones/tablets .
Telemetry is more a PC stuff for now and only very few games offer it on consoles. That could be a nice advantage as well.

[FEATURE] - UDP Telemetry on PS4 62 votes

Yes !
80% 50 votes
Why not ...
8% 5 votes
What is UDP Telemetry anyway ?
11% 7 votes


  • vinceps34vinceps34 Member New Car Smell
    Sending UDP in broadcast like PCars would be nice and easy. No need to configure anything, except activate UDP by a simple checkbox in the UI. 
  • markrippmarkripp Member Unleaded
    Yes i'd love this to come to Dirt , When it was enabled in project cars for console it transformed the game for me . Please add UDP support .
  • MichaelMcEvoyMichaelMcEvoy Member New Car Smell
    With the options to turn the wheel off and move camera position it would be a waste to not have this feature. It opened up pcars for me more than i could believe. So i hope it can be done on Dirt on the xbone aswell! 
  • vtxvtx Member New Car Smell
    Yes that would be good but I think with racing sims like f1,dirt rally it should already be there it's not something we should have to ask for, codemaster you have done a great job with dirt rally so come on give the ps4 it's UDP update PLEASE 
  • HenryT23HenryT23 Member New Car Smell
    add udp support for dirt rally on console, please
  • nokazutakicimonokazutakicimo Member New Car Smell
    Dirt Rally definitely needs this, especially since you can disable HUD elements from game preferences.
  • DirtyrSaulDirtyrSaul Member New Car Smell
    This is REALLY needed please Codies implement UDP output of telemetry or HUD data etc. Anything would do, even just gear information etc.
  • vtxvtx Member New Car Smell
    Has anyone got any kind of answer from codemaster about this any kind of answer will do just please tell us something 
  • radioproffiradioproffi Member New Car Smell
    Support UDP Telemetry on Consoles. This will open up new opportunities for Motion Systems.

  • vinceps34vinceps34 Member New Car Smell
    Received patch 1.02 today in PS4. No UDP  :(
  • Niki18Niki18 Member New Car Smell
    This game NEEDS this feature on consoles. CM cannot avoid this feature in such a great game. This game is for the serious type of gamer and it should be an option from day one in my opinion.

    Hope to see my apps work with this rally masterpiece !!!
  • vinceps34vinceps34 Member New Car Smell
    At least, the game now works normally with T300RS, as it did before.
    Now lets wait for new requested features, while still not knowing which one have been prioritized.

  • SkeinonSkeinon Member New Car Smell
    YES! Is a must have.....  we need the companion app for Dirt Rally and for F12016 too.

    I love both games...
  • vinceps34vinceps34 Member New Car Smell
    Looks like F1 2016 has UDP now : http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/46594/udp-telemetry-settings-ps4
    DiRT Rally users (including me) feel jealous.....  :s
    DiRT has been there for more time, and we still do not have the UDP feature  :'(
  • SkeinonSkeinon Member New Car Smell
    Hi people, i'm pretty sure that like me, many others users need UDP telemetry for this great game. 

    Please add this feature as soon as possible !!!

    the game, due of his own nature, is imho more difficult of classics asphalt's sims (weight balance add an extra dimension to mastering). So, a good dashboard with a big gearshift indicator, well centered on the steering wheel, i think boost performance and also the fun!!!!

    Thanks for attention.
  • BlackTimeZzZBlackTimeZzZ Member New Car Smell
    UDP output of telemetry dirtrally 
    PS4 - Wheel Thrustmaster T500RS - T3PA-PRO - Ferrari F1 Wheel - Buttonbox - Playseat ProjectCars - Buttkicker Gamer 2 - Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 400 
  • vinceps34vinceps34 Member New Car Smell
    Lets hope DiRT 4 has UDP embedded day one on consoles.
    DiRT + PS4 + PSVR + SimRig using UDP = the ultimate rallye experience in your living room (or basement, depending on your wife/girlfriend)

  • RacingMatRacingMat Member New Car Smell
    Hi CodeMasters!

    What's new around here? It'd be cool to hear from you about this small but usefull outputing :-)
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