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[FEATURE] - UDP Telemetry on PS4



  • RaalteRaalte Member Race Steward
    I would like this for Dirt rally and Dirt 4 for Xbox.
    You guys also put it in F1 2016 and F1 2017. And also in the pc versions of Dirt. So why not on consoles? 
  • pauvrpauvr Member New Car Smell
    I am a late player, I bought Dirt Rally VR two days ago.
    I am more a GT/tarmac player (Project Cars, Project Cars2, Assetto Corsa) than a rally player.
    I bought Dirt Rally because all the reviews were great and it is actually the only racing sim available for playing in VR!

    I must admit that it is AWESOME, both in terms of VR rendering and handling.
    Well done! Really enjoyable!
    I founf myself loving racing rally, you made me discover a new thing, and I love it.

    Personally, I am missing only two things:

    1) UDP output with G-forces so that I can use my motion simulator, so that also motion sickness would be heavily reduced

    2) FOV adjustment setup

    As far as I know, these two features are already present in the PC version, so maybe it won't be very difficult to make it available also on PS4.

    Please Codemasters, make us the happiest players on earth!

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