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Cant change camra view

I got dirt rally on ps4 but its camra is stuck in cockpit or driver mode .
I want it to be bumper or bonnet mode but it will not change to outside the car .Please tell me how to do that


  • versediversedi Member Champion
    If this is same settings as in PC you need to go to your Driver Profile and enable "Allow exterior cameras" or disable "Block exterior cameras" (not sure which way it was and can't check ATM).
  • Draconian666Draconian666 Member New Car Smell
    If you have PS4 version while you're driving in game or at the start of the countdown you click R1 to change the camera view
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  • Rooand1Rooand1 Member New Car Smell
    I have the 2016 F1 on PC. The camera views were working fine now the view is stuck in cockpit view. When I pause and go to graphic set up, camera view, it changes but as soon as I go back to the garage it returns to cockpit view. I have gone back to the initial set up, uninstalled and reinstalled, reloaded, re-booted etc. but no joy/ Very frustrating!! has anyone had a similar problem? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • neil538neil538 Member New Car Smell
    I have the same scenario, but have no clue what to do to resolve.
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