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Anyone play Grid Autosport for 360? I'm looking for a club

CapitalJJCapitalJJ Member New Car Smell
edited May 2016 in GRID Games - Clubs
I'll join anyone's club in Grid AutoSport that still plays the game in 2016. I just started doing RaceNet challenges and time trials to see how I compare with my GAS friends and the rest of the players on the  Leaderboards, but I also like to do online races whenever there is actually a lobby available. 
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  • pilotofspeedpilotofspeed Member New Car Smell
    U just log in racenet account . And you can't have the option  to search for any club ,size , language , level ..or even by sepaific club name . Then join what ever you find tourneys self in,.. or make your own. And lead the bord 
  • triggs19571triggs19571 Member New Car Smell
    I joined a few clubs but seemed nobody was ever on line in them so I gave up.But IF you still play on your 360 my tag is triggs1957 and I am online on my xbox all the time looking for Autosport players. Send  me a friend request and I will add you.If you want want me to contact you to play leave me a number I have a magic jack so i can call any place with out a charge
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