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Codemasters welcomes the team from Evolution Studios | Codemasters Blog

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imageCodemasters welcomes the team from Evolution Studios | Codemasters Blog

We have very exciting news today. We’re delighted to announce that on the 25th April, Codemasters will be expanding its portfolio of studios to include the highly-respected and very talented team from Evolution Studios.

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  • Meppi64Meppi64 Member New Car Smell
    This is brilliant news!
    Driveclub is my favourite racing game since PGR4 so it was a shock to see the team disbanded in a similar fashion to what happened to Bizarre Creations, not to mention Studio Liverpool.
    So glad that these people have found a good home.
    And even though it might not make much of a difference in the overall picture, I will be buying your games day one from now on, instead of waiting for a pricedrop. (Please don't take this the wrong way, I just bought a house so things are a bit tight here. ;) )
    Off to buy Dirt Rally right away! :D

    Thanks again!
  • P308RP308R Member Pit Crew
    Amazing news! Very happy to see that such a great team has found a home at Codies. 


  • ktmsx65ktmsx65 Member New Car Smell
    This is why Codemasters is my favorite Game Developer Studio! Not only you make the most incredible racing games out there but also you guys are aware that some talent was going to waste and you took a change to make probably even better games!!

    Can't wait to see what the future will bring us gamers!! Happy days!
  • twoclickswesttwoclickswest Member New Car Smell
    I'm leaping into some distant future but now I'm hyped for some sort of racing sim in open-world from Codemasters + Evolution Studios!
    Such a shame that Driveclub wasn't open world, imo.
    Anyway, that's a really good news! I'm happy for both of these great companies.
  • battfinkzbattfinkz Member Wheel Nut
    Now you guys NEED to attain the WRC license and put evo studios back onto what they did best. Wrc titles. Wrc 4 and evolved were simply unbelievably good games. You guys have a wicked rally engine now. So start churning out more rally games! ;)
    Awesome wonderful news! I was so hoping for a Motorstorm game to come to PS4 as those games are soooooo great and the news that Evolution was closing broke my heart. Now the question is, WILL THERE BE A NEW MOTORSTORM GAME?! PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE!!!
  • bushkilla490bushkilla490 Member New Car Smell
    edited April 2016
    Brilliant news! Like so many others was devastated to hear of SONY closing Evolution Studios & couldn't be happier to see them unite with Codies.

    Driveclub is an unbelievable game. I play with a T300RS & only wish it had launched with Hardcore as its default mode.

    Please make another Motorstorm type game as well as a new TOCA. And yes you guys deserve the WRC licence. The old Evolution rally games were superb.

    Currently loving Dirt Rally. Happy days!!
  • MiatakiasGRMiatakiasGR Member Pit Crew
    Great news ! I had guessed and hoped for  that before a month that SONY shuted down ..I am PC user but i have to say that Drive Club is a game that i was desperately wanted for PC but that was impossible as was PS4 exclusive.So good graphics u can not find in any PC racing game even u are able to run it on ultra! That shows how talented and capable is this Evolution stuios team...
    Now its the time for Codies to create his first open world racing game (i love the category , we are gonna get all of the next FORZA games so Horizons) and show to others how good can make it with tha Evolution team as leaders..
    We desparately wait for any announcement! :# :p :D
    My hope, a game like RaceDriver: GRID for XBOX ONE (if possible, with Kinect support in some functions):

    In the MultiPlayer mode:
    - The damage system of RaceDriver: GRID;
    - NO ghosts cars (when you race in the wrong direction)
    - Persistence of car, pieces of car, etc, on the track after it has total loss (NO ghost car, the car MUST STAY on track and not turn in GHOST after crash, as it is in GRID 1);
    - And, everything that the ORIGINAL "GRID 1" GAME has.

    GRID 1 is the only racing game where you have the freedom to make their own rules, where the car can get off track, go against the tide, breaking, etc ...

    Is very very fun game, specially when we can create game modes as "survivor's race" (2 teams fighting in high speed on Euro, GT, LMP1, etc, and not only on the boring demo derby).

    Like this:

  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    Certainly didn't see that coming. Hopefully good things will result.
    Braked: the past tense of brake.
    Broke, brokenanything within reach when I hear racing gamers say 'broke' instead of 'braked'.
  • VirtuaIceManVirtuaIceMan Member Race Steward
    FUEL2 could be a new Motorstorm. Otherwise something like ToCA or GRID would be nice...
  • lastbreathlastbreath Member New Car Smell
    edited April 2016
    Wow! New GRID/DIRT/MOTORSTORM-like brand from Codies+Evo will blow our minds! ))
    I even have good idea for you - make Split/Second sequel! Of course with another name but similar gameplay
  • CWR30CWR30 Member New Car Smell
    really excited to see what Paul,Jamie and the rest of the evo guys come up with the codies team
  • FsttimerFsttimer Member New Car Smell
  • AlebrasaAlebrasa Member New Car Smell
    Well done, Evolution + Codies = The best imaginable rally experience!

    Nostalgic vid. :smiley:
  • shintruongshintruong Member New Car Smell
    this was a great news 
    Toca toca toca!!!!
  • KK78KK78 Member Unleaded
    Superb news, DriveClub is an immense game, sure it might not be a sim but it sure is a hell of a lot more fun perfecting times with the impressive range of cars. Easily the best racer this gen imo

    Can't wait to see what Evo do next under the leadership of Codies
  • mcsabotagemcsabotage Member New Car Smell
    edited April 2016

    Put motion sensor control in DIRT (PS4), becouse lots of people doesn't have a wheel, and with thumbstick is everything but not driving experience!!!!!

    Ask the Evolution Studios, they are professionals in that as well!

    Look at this (motion sensor driving, with a beast ONE:1)

  • BRICKS44BRICKS44 Member New Car Smell
    Good news. I love the racers from both studios and looking forward to the future as well.
  • EODMLTEODMLT Member New Car Smell
    Driveclub launch was a huge failure. "Mick Hocking – formerly of Evolution Studios – will be taking the position of VP Product Development at Codemasters". Making any one coming from Evolution Studios VP of anything related to game production is a horrible idea. At least I know not to buy Codemasters games for a long while.
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