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Stats spoiling the game

LoggyLoggy Member Unleaded
I think stats are spoiling the game, I hate people quitting just because they might spoil their 2nd or 1st place average let alone those that quit if they are not winning >>> (RE**G*LD) GER.
Can a less definite stat type be used in future, call it podiums ie, 1st 2nd 3rd lumped together to just be podiums. Those that dont get many podiums wont care much  and the 1-2-3 can have their podium mark and not quit if they are not winning, also can a quit mark be included and a mark removed from your stats if a race is quit for any reason including alt/f4.
Also no stats for short races ie, at least 3 laps on short tracks and 2 laps on long tracks to stop stat boosting and with a race start of at least 4 players.
I just feel stat whores harm the game a little and sometimes stats aren't a true indication of game skill but how to game the stats.


  • CapitalJJCapitalJJ Member New Car Smell
    What game is this? Grid 2 or Grid Autosport?
  • LoggyLoggy Member Unleaded
    edited May 2016
    Grid Autosport, but it would apply to many games, it is easy to become a stat wh0re unfortunately.
  • CapitalJJCapitalJJ Member New Car Smell
    Yeah a lot of people are. I only quit if i crash or spin out and I'm in last place. As long as I have a chance of catching up and gaining at least one place, I go for it. I could care less about stats. 
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