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PS4 issues - please report here



  • Eadie71Eadie71 Member New Car Smell
    FFB on tarmac is numb & on rallycross yesterday the screen kept flickering & a jolt happened through my wheel at the same time. I also have issues with the menu popping up when I turn right. If I close the game & restart it seems to disappear 
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  • DcamaxoGDcamaxoG Member New Car Smell
    Hey all,

    please share your bugs, concerns and issues in this thread.
    Hi! Greetings from Barcelona,

    What an awesome game u have created guys. Thanks so much. Made me back to the sensations I had playing your first ColinMcRae years ago when I was a kid.

    Unfortunately it isn't free of issues. Here are some by the time I played it

       -in RX events both online and offline usually a rear wing spawns on some other cars front bumper. Can be seen through the rear mirror too. At first I thought it was front bumper damage, but its not. Its a rear wing LOL

       -in RX online events, when in the timetable at the end of each event, if the times are very close both players start to glitch positions until the next event starts. Its very annoying and u cannot see your time properly.

       -in RX online events, while in loading screens (not the black ones) before and after a race, a random white line appears over everything 3/4 of the screen, hiding you some info. It holds until the event starts.

       -in online events, daily or not, the time tables at the end has to be reset by using the Dpad up&down. Otherwise it wont show any time. 

       -u cannot access the leaderboards of the online bet events in the game like in other online events pressing square.

    @bout dirtgame.com both web and mobile:

       -PS4 section in my profile doest remain as default. It returns to steam ones, where I cannot see my leaderboards.

       -there's no link to the forums apart from that banner on the Homepage. Would be nice to be more in touch with the community.

       -you made the game with all its menus, texts and note voices in Spanish, but why both forums and website are only available in English?

    Here is some last question about car liveries in game, which I like but... Why I saw official trailers showing liveries that arent available in PS4? Are u planning to bring them to us or are PC/moding community exclusive? 

    Thanks again for ur time and for creating this awesome rally game. 60fps feels great! 
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  • PATderMAULWURFPATderMAULWURF Member New Car Smell
    **** Mann bezahlt 70 Euro für ein Spiel war ein Mann Aufrufe seit dem 5.4.16 jeden Tag Spiel macht es vorhin An und es steht das der Spielstand kaputt ist das hatte ich noch nie Warum ausgerechnet bei EUREM Spiel? Ich werde sicher nicht neu anfangen und Auch keine Dlc s für kaufen stinken sauer bin ich .... ausser ihr bekommt das repariert und es Gibt ne Entschädigung Mfg Patrick 

  • BillyDaKidBillyDaKid Member Unleaded
    While playing last night on a custom rally stage everything was running well, but then all of a sudden after I finished a stage the music slowed away down and the replay in the background behind the standings slowed to a crawl. I saved and exited back to the menu and went into another stage and again after the stage end everything slowed right down and I thought the whole game was going to lock up. I tried a few more stages and every time after the finish same thing happened. I quit the game entirely and restarted and everything was back to normal, no slowdown, no nothing. 

    Im not sure what was going on but I think it's something that needs looking at.
  • SebyRemSebyRem Member New Car Smell
    What a great job done with Dirt PS4 ! But why the game can't recognise third party hard ware such as my handbrake. Seems that the game only operate with PS4 remote only ! My handbrake is recognised by the PS4 as a mouse or a keyboard and works well with PCars for ex !

    next release I do hope !
  • fl0wf1r3fl0wf1r3 Member New Car Smell
    will there be an update for the ps4 soon? 1.1? or did I miss it?
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  • ooglioogli Member New Car Smell
    fl0wf1r3 said:
    will there be an update for the ps4 soon? 1.1? or did I miss it?
    I reached out to CM tech support earlier this week re: an update for the T300RS FB problem. They gave me a stock answer suggesting I ensure I wasn't also using a dualshock controller. They also recommended checking TM for a firmware update.
    If they are working this issue, they are keeping quiet about it.
  • iNoTroNiNoTroN Member New Car Smell
    the shadow on track in cockpit view and dashbord view are very ugly on ps4 and i think on pc too please fix that.
  • soopasteeveesoopasteevee Member New Car Smell
    Some people are having an infinite loading loop on stages 2 of a league season.... is there a fix for this? 
  • toxnuketoxnuke Member New Car Smell
    Replay freeze since a couple of weeks, no matter what car or track. When trying to launch it the background music goes in some kind of ralenty mode and nothing happen. Changing camera view show at some point just 1/2 car, no movements. Downloaded game version of dirt rally. Has worked fine since a couple of weeks ago
  • Tummie555Tummie555 Member Unleaded
    edited May 2016
    Personally I think they totally misjudge the impact of this bug. From the Dirt Rally ps4 customers, the ones that own a t300rs are definitely race/rally simulator fans. Therefor they form a big part, if not all, of the core of the Dirt Rally ps4 customers. You might compare it to the chanting football fans in a stadium. It's about 15% of the supporters, but boy do they have an impact on the rest of the crowd. This is all written under the assumption that nobody seems to care that we haven't been able to enjoy a single day with this game. We assume this because we don't get any reactions. And when we finally do, it states, and I quote: " I don't know yet".  
    After 7 weeks, the one and only person we have to rely on, leaves us standing in the blistering cold, spitting in our face, slamming the door on any last hope that may have survived.

    But I 'm sure it's all just a big misunderstanding and this fix will be released within the first patch. 
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  • fl0wf1r3fl0wf1r3 Member New Car Smell
    Forum damaged? Looks strange here. Anyways, can someone confirm that version 1.01 is the latest for Playstation 4. I see discussions about 1.1 ? Just for PC? Thx
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  • Tummie555Tummie555 Member Unleaded
    Had the same problem a couple of times, when refreshed it usually turns back to normal. This 1.1 update is referred to as the pc patch they released simultaneously with the console release of the game. At least that's what I understood. 
  • fl0wf1r3fl0wf1r3 Member New Car Smell
     on you Playstation it says version 1.1?  
    PS4 | Fanatec CSW V2 | CSP V3 | CSH | GT RACING STANDS.co.uk
  • Tummie555Tummie555 Member Unleaded
    I'll have to check tonight to make sure, but I don't think so. 
  • fl0wf1r3fl0wf1r3 Member New Car Smell
    Ok, i think I finally understood it. Just confusing to have different patches for PC and consoles.
    PS4 | Fanatec CSW V2 | CSP V3 | CSH | GT RACING STANDS.co.uk
  • Tummie555Tummie555 Member Unleaded
    fl0wf1r3 said:
    Ok, i think I finally understood it. Just confusing to have different patches for PC and consoles.
    Just checked, it says v1.01 on ps4
  • fl0wf1r3fl0wf1r3 Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2016
    Thank you! Today, I played Rallycross for the first time and and I realize heavy ffb clipping on tarmac. Hillclimbing and rally is fine, no clipping at all. I am using a Fanatec csw v2. The clipping is super annoying. Dirt Rally is full of small annoying bugs. I is time to drive on a gp track again :/
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  • NickAndNickAnd Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2016
    The Camera Shake setting does not seem to be working. It does not appear to have any impact on the appearance of the game whatever setting I choose. Can you please address this. Whilst I am sure driving a rally car in real life would not be easy the scenery bouncing up and down is for me having an impact on the enjoyment of the driving.

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