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Grid 2 help!

Hello! I need some serious help with my Grid 2. Platform is Xbox 360. Im trying to upload replays to youtube. It goes fine until it tries to connect, and it just says, that connection to racenet was lost or something like that. I got my google account linked to my racenet account. This same occurs in Dirt Showdown. I have my youtube account connected but as it tries to connect youtube, the connection faces an error. Please help, since i like the games and would like to upload replays!


  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    I have a vague recollection that this broke a year or two back when YouTube removed some deprecated APIs, in which case it won't work again until CM patch it (not gonna happen now).

    Anyone else managed to upload from either of those two games recently?
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  • markongrid2markongrid2 Member New Car Smell
    This is a pain, just paid 6.75 for the you tube functionality after having the loading screen stating 'purchase VIP pass for extra cars and you tube functionality.... (wasn't really fussed about the extra cars - the youtube functionality was the 'driving' force) only to find out it doesn't work?  The game should at least be patched to remove the advert at the start of the game if the functionality is borked.
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