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Micro Machines - Great Until Latest 'Patch'

JawessomeJawessome Member New Car Smell
Okay let me ease into this gently - as a big fan of the original MM titles on console, I was absolutely thrilled when Micro Machines soft launched on iOS a few months back.

The graphics are excellent, the tracks are great, the vehicles all have different strengths and weaknesses, the alliance feature was excellent. The drop rates for new vehicle parts was fair and the matchmaking was silky smooth. The trademark humor scattered throughout was also intelligent.

Now THIS was how you do a free to play title. Transactions help you along if you need to or you can play to your own pace and 'get there eventually'. I couldn't believe a title of this quality was only in soft launch. Codemasters style, humor and quality on a mobile. Yes!

I updated the game today and was instantly disappointed.

First, you add an energy system to the game. 5 races free and then you need to wait for energy to recharge. Want to play quicker? Pay up.  Terrible.

Secondly, it now costs gems to participate in ANY races apart from randomly selected ones. Initially it was a case of you get to choose the first race type free and then there's a five minute timer meaning you can only select random races unless you pay gems. Now you're required to cough up straight away. This is appalling.

Lastly, there's the now obligatory 'double your coins if you watch an ad' message at the end of each race.

What the hell happened guys? This is a total sellout. After sinking hours into this game and being happy to part with a few dollars as a way to say thank you, it seems you have sold out and sold out hard.

My feedback to you? Deleted it with no regrets. This is no longer classed as a game and is now a payment racquet like all the other paywall filth out there on mobile devices. I thought you were better than this Codies. I never saw this coming from you. Embarrassing and shameful. I liken this to seeing a person I once had great respect for, selling themselves on the street.


  • DuelerDueler Member New Car Smell
    Exactly. I loved this game so much. It knew it had to cater to F2P mechanics but was doing it right and respecting all players effort and time. 

    Now its just like every other scab on the appstore asking for a handout to give you a boost over other players.
    Instantly deleted at the sight of the timer system, i didn't even get to see the other changes.
    I couldn't care less if all my progress is gone (Tier8) either because i wont be coming back.

    Playing this literally made me feel better about EA, but obviously i was wrong and EA and everyone affiliated are still just money pinching and taking advantage of peoples addictions.

    I am now ashamed to have ever spent money on this scab of a game.
  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    To everyone who's rightly annoyed by this, don't forget to leave an appropriate review on the iTunes store.
    Braked: the past tense of brake.
    Broke, brokenanything within reach when I hear racing gamers say 'broke' instead of 'braked'.
  • JawessomeJawessome Member New Car Smell
    Can I also suggest raising a grievance through Chillingo Support?


    I got a response saying the message was getting forwarded to the relevant team.
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