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Playable demo for Dirt Rally

Goggs25Goggs25 Member New Car Smell
How about a playable demo for Dirt Rally on Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

Playable demo for Dirt Rally 7 votes

Goggs25Haris33BebiJOHNTHEBEST007 4 votes
NarzugoniNoTroNdanielofifi 3 votes


  • danielofifidanielofifi Member Unleaded
    Why do you need a demo, it's the best rally game that's come out since 2005, just buy it and support it goddamnit ;)
  • Goggs25Goggs25 Member New Car Smell
    How about you give me the money to buy we are not all stupid and made of money to waste on a game that could be rubbish.  If codemasters want my support then realease a demo and a working game from day 1 something most developer's can't do on xbox one until then I will not pay full price for any xbox one game

  • versediversedi Member Champion
    It was told before release there will be no demo. It takes too much time.
  • SamRWDSamRWD Member Petrol Head
    Free weekend is what could be a solution. I wish I could try D4 for a weekend before I bought it.
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