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logitech driving force pro settings for grid 1

hi all - new to the forum here. just got grid 1 off steam at a discount and trying to setup my old logitech driving force pro. having some difficulties getting the tuning right - looking for tips. major points.
  1. i think one of the big reasons is that the degree lock is still like 200 (maybe even less). how do i increase this?
  2. dead zone and saturation are a bit off - can't get a good "weight" to the steering. any tips on numbers people are using with an identical wheel?
Any advice appreciated!


  • OzoreXSOzoreXS Member Race Steward
    edited May 2016
    Well, as long as I can remember...

    All defaults but:
    - Overall 107
    - Degrees at 360º (forced)

    - Map buttons and pedals
    - Linearity to your liking, negative for making it less responsive.

    DFP and DFGT are a bit dull at the center; the only way to get rid of the center deadzone (without some kind of tool for deadzone removal) is raising OES in profiler; thats why I use 107. Good force without compromising other forces and without creating clipping.
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  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    To be honest, I never really found it worth persevering with a wheel with either Grid 1 or Grid 2. It was just too frustrating with the arcadey physics of those two games.
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