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GAS: Oculus Rift SDK 1.3 support

I was wondering if the Oculus Rift CV 1 (with SDK 1.3) is currently supported/working with GRID Autosport.

Back in the day there was experimental support for DK1 and DK2, will this work with the CV1 as well?


Update: haven't been able to get it to work, yet. Seems SDK 1.4 isn't supported by the game.
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  • kodrkodr Member New Car Smell
    Can anyone answer this? I'm also interested.
  • double07killordouble07killor Member New Car Smell
    ya what he said, love this game, have more time in it then like all my other racing sims combinded (including iracing, dirt 3 and rally, pcars, and ac) but can't get my cv1 working on it, so dissapointing
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