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Account closure

I have signed up twice with 2 email addresses. Can I close/delete an account?


  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    Which account do you want shutting down?

    AMD [email protected]/EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 2/16gb RAM/OS - Win 10/Turtle Beach X11/360pad                                 View - Front Bumper Cam/No Assists

  • RuubenRuuben Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2016
    False alarm, dont need to do anything for my account :
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  • SAR22SAR22 Member New Car Smell
    Hi, I registered once with my google account and one with a mail account and I'm not able to upload videos to YouTube cause I don't use the one with the Gmail. Is there any solution?
  • Vi341Vi341 Member New Car Smell
    Hi! I'm new and I want upload videos but I don't know where I need to go to unlock. HALP PLEASE
  • SirPhilMcKrakenSirPhilMcKraken Member Champion
    What has that got to do with this forum?
  • PietroDiMeglioPietroDiMeglio Member New Car Smell
    I dunno why but my correct account does not work anymore so I guess you've closed it. Please help.
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