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IFR - Season 18 - F1 2017 League [Xbox One] Tuesdays @ 8pm

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My Xbox Live Gamertag- ScotteyF1

Facebook Page

International Formula Racing is delighted and excited to invite all past, present and potential new drivers to our 18th league season which starts on September 5th in Australia on the long awaited F1 2017!!


Established in October 2010 on Xbox 360, we are now in our 8th year, and run both Driver and Constructor Championships. Our main IFR Championship includes every single race from the real life F1 calender.


Races will start Tuesdays at 8pm. All assists except for pit assist and break assist are permitted. We pride ourselves as being one of the fairest, cleanest and good spirited community for any racing game. Members are also are encouraged to set up and invite others to their own practice sessions on the if they wish.


This is our facebook group and our home where everything happens!


The facebook group has a messenger chat that is a great place for league debate and general chat. Besides our main championship, we also hold a variety of more lighthearted races, team events, and welcome suggestions from our members. We even have our own exclusive YouTube and Twitter sites for a taste of life at IFR...


Add: ScotteyF1, GILES95, ChrisMaccaJones, Madmanmete, Poobags or LiveY0Ung on Xbox One, or reply on this thread and we will get back to you soon as possible!

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