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LMA Manager

What a game this was!  Why was this scrapped....

FM is the only football management game on the market today, can you re-release LMA 2007 for use on up to date windows systems or can we get LMA 2007 backward compatible on XBOX ONE?


  • OracleGeniusOracleGenius Member New Car Smell
    I totally agree with you.  I bought every version of this game from when it was first released on PS1.  I used to spend all my spare time on this game as it was totally adictive.  Me and my brother had 20 odd seasons on LMA 2007 and we always were waiting for the next edition to arrive.  The only game with a management part I go on is PES 2016, my son goes on FIFA 17.  This is one game that I can't believe was scrapped as it was the best football management game of its time and I would love it to be remade for PS4.
  • SirPhilMcKrakenSirPhilMcKraken Member Champion
    I believe CM are fully focused on racing games from now on so is very unlikely
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