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Bring back LMA manager over due

LfcfanLfcfan Member New Car Smell
Hi guys. 
This was the best game of all time.
There's no football manager game on the console which is well over due.

Comon guys pull your finger out there's over 1000 followers on twitter. There's more forums and petitions than any other game out there to bring it back.
This game will sell millions even tho it's9 years since the last one. You've still got followers for this game so don't let that go by leaving it too long. Realistically you only need to update the 2007 version and will still be amazing.
Stop focusing on car games and bring back the best game you ever made. 

I've just created an account just to do this because its about time you MADE A CHANGE MAKE THE GAME.

PS everyone follow please
Thanks Steve 


  • PlatyPlaty Member Team Principal
  • LfcfanLfcfan Member New Car Smell
    What you mean nah.platy. Theres millions off people wanting this game to be re released. 9 years on from last one. If you look up forums or anything about Lma there's so many people who want this game. Or are you one of them that never lived and played it
  • LfcfanLfcfan Member New Car Smell
    Platy it's actually not an exaggeration. If you.look it up on Internet there's so many people who want this game. There's more petitions on the Internet for this game than any other out there. And that's there problem focusing on car games that are no good I own a ps4 so only car game I will buy is gran turismo. 
    Also football manager is a Pc game not for consoles. I know ps4 and xbox one fans will die for.this game on console.
  • LfcfanLfcfan Member New Car Smell
    I take it platy your not into Lma manager or manager games. That's OK not everyone is but there's so many people who want this to happen. So with that you must agree even if you didn't like it they should develop a new version just for all.those fans that's waited soo long.
  • LfcfanLfcfan Member New Car Smell
    Like I said look on the Internet twitter got over 1000 followers. There's at least 10 forums created in last 10 days on here alone in general discussions.
    Also like I said if you had been listening there's more petitions for this game than any other.

    Look I take it your a car bum. Well I'm a football bum and codemasters made the best manager game to be made. And lots of fans want it re made. So codemasters will listen if people keep posting. So I take it u don't like football so why post on here and argue when your not even interested. 
    Save your posts for your car games. 
  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    So a few people on the internet post about it means there's huge interest? And fyi Platy is into manager games, he's just stating facts. He plays a lot of Football manager and loves football.......
  • PlatyPlaty Member Team Principal
    That's certainly a lot less than the millions of people you were spouting earlier.

    I love football. But, and here's the massive point you're missing, Codemasters aren't making games other than racing games any longer. They were pretty much out of business recently, they've completely restructured so the people who used to make the LMA games no longer work there. They're completely focused on racing games. They will never make the LMA games again. Unless the people who made the LMA games (as in the coders, producers, etc) moved on to their own company and bought the naming rights for LMA Manager then you won't be getting it.

    But as I said, keep wasting your time telling a company that no longer has an interest or the ability to make a game your want to make the game rather than do something productive with your life.
  • LfcfanLfcfan Member New Car Smell
    Well if he's stating facts and loves manager games why not get behind the people who are trying to get this great game back. Instead off putting it down. And there is lots off people who want this game re made. 
  • LfcfanLfcfan Member New Car Smell
    Yes I understand it's a long shot but if people enjoy manager games and all those people that loved Lma manager. Surely you should be getting behind bringing it back not trying to argue about it. 
  • PlatyPlaty Member Team Principal
    I'm just telling you how it is. It's not going to happen, why not look to an indie game developer to make something for consoles in the style of LMA Manager? Cos Codemasters ain't doing it.
  • LfcfanLfcfan Member New Car Smell
    I'm sorry but if I need to.do.somthing productive in my life. Then what is to be said about you arguing with someone that is asking to re make this game. And yes OK millions arnt putting comments bit off an over exaggeration but there's is 10 off thousands that have commented. But you kno as much as me if came out on console it would sell millions. Because hasn't been that kind off game in 9 years. 

    I'm not trying to argue with you just want to put my point across to codemasters. You say don't have the capability. But you also know as much as me they will still have every last detail to the previous games. They will be on file somewhere they won't have been deleted just because went through a difficult stage.

  • LfcfanLfcfan Member New Car Smell
    I'm also not.saying you don't have a point but all these people as in us keep getting behind it then surely they might consider it. Also an indi developer would be good but it won't be as good as Lma was
  • LfcfanLfcfan Member New Car Smell
    Skidy mcrash I have two on here because didn't kno were to put it. And I never said thousands I said there's a twitter feed with over thousand adds to Lma thred.
    Also I didn't have to dig no thred up there's actualy 4 on my first page on general discussions. So mines obvs different to yours.  And I did also say it's a long shot  and platy has some points. but if peopled liked the game and wanted a remake which there's lots off people. There not going to when there's people who keep saying wasting time and not going to happen. Like you guys are. If you liked the game comment and get behind it, if you didn't then don't because that's not going to even make codemasters think yea let's make it because it's a long shot anyways.  especially when your making negative comments. 
  • LukedfrtLukedfrt Member Petrol Head
    I did actually love the old LMA games to be fair.. Brian Lara cricket wasn't too bad either  :#
    The best ever - Alonso #14
  • sjsharp2010sjsharp2010 Member Champion
    Lukedfrt said:
    I did actually love the old LMA games to be fair.. Brian Lara cricket wasn't too bad either  :#

    I agree so did I. I used to play them a lot although these days if I'm ever in a football manager mood I tend to play Football manager or just enjoy a bit of Fifa. Although tbh I don't tend to play much Football manager these days. Most of my time these days I spend playing various RPG's but I tend to find them more entertaining these days.

    In war victory, In peace vigilance, In death sacrifice -grey warden motto

  • BrutalBarracudaBrutalBarracuda Member New Car Smell
    LMA Manager 2007 is still my most played sports game. Doing 2 player is just epic. Me and my mate still have our season going. Currently got Forest Green Rovers from Conference into Championship. Premiership, I'm coming for you! Been waiting for a new LMA for far too long. Best managing game. Would love to see another.
  • Jackb273Jackb273 Member New Car Smell
    I love this game to football manager is terrible compared to lma if possible find a game maker who loves it to to make a very similar one with a different name or learn to make games yourself just a suggestion 
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